Double Bubble Trouble: Finding A Plastic Surgeon To Fix A Breast Implant Deformity


Double Bubble Trouble: Finding A Plastic Surgeon To Fix A Breast Implant Deformity

Should You Be Worried About Your Implants?

Breast augmentation using implants is rising in popularity, with hundreds of thousands of procedures performed by surgeons every year. While the procedure has a high success rate, implant deformities are possible. A troublesome issue is the appearance of a double bubble, an unpleasant look that lowers the satisfaction of the results. Breast augmentation revision is necessary to address the complication. Finding the best surgeon to fix a breast implant deformity is an integral part of treatment.

Understanding double bubble trouble

Post-augmentation, a double bubble complication can occur. When this happens, the breast tissue appears to have 2 distinct circular forms resembling bubbles. The implant does not sit flush with the lower breast tissue, creating an unnatural fold in the lower part of the breast. In some cases, tissue drapes over the implant, causing a double bubble appearance. Double bubbles can also happen due to implant malposition, inadequate tissue support, capsular contracture, weight loss, or inadequate surgical technique. If there are possible signs of a double bubble deformity, seek support from a surgeon. The complication is not life-threatening, but revision surgery is necessary to address the issue.

Finding a qualified plastic surgeon

Most women return to the surgeon who performed the breast augmentation for support, while other individuals prefer a new medical team. Research extensively to find a qualified plastic surgeon to fix any breast implant deformity. The surgeon should be board-certified in plastic surgery with significant experience in breast implant revision surgeries. Check credentials, reviews, and before-and-after photos, then schedule a consultation to discuss concerns and goals. Ensure the surgical facility is accredited and meets safety standards. The surgeon will develop a personalized treatment plan while considering an individual’s situation.

Ask questions about the revision

First, a patient must know why breast implant revision surgery is needed. The surgeon can perform checks and confirm the root cause of the deformity. Ask about the risks and potential complications of the surgery. Some patients may also ask about the outcome, techniques, and the type of implants used for revision surgery. Finally, ask about the procedure used and changing the implants, if necessary. Asking the surgeon the right questions can help patients make an informed decision.

Fixing the double bubble deformity

Correction of double bubble deformity usually involves surgical intervention. The surgeon will make incisions over the original entry point to reduce scarring. In many cases, the capsule of tissue formed over the implant must be moved to the proper location. The surgeon will tighten and reposition the tissue around the capsule, lifting the implants into the right place. Sometimes, mastopexy or breast lift can address double bubbles. The surgeon removes excess skin and tissue, which lifts the breast into a desired location. This option also corrects the breast implant deformity. Replacing the implants with a different size or type can also help. The surgeon may also combine these options for enhanced results.

Tips for maintaining healthy implants

Follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions carefully, including wearing a supportive bra, avoiding strenuous activities, and taking prescribed medications. Attend all follow-up appointments to monitor healing progress and prevent complications. Keep surgical incisions clean and dry to prevent infection. Eat well, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Protect the implants from sun exposure, avoid straining, and immediately report any abnormalities to a healthcare provider.

Burst the bubble

A double bubble can reverse the initial aesthetic objectives of breast augmentation. Women can lose confidence and feel self-conscious about the double bubble. However, with the right corrective procedure, this issue can be addressed. Selecting a qualified surgeon to correct a breast implant deformity is crucial for a safe, successful, and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

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