Dual Plane Breast Augmentation: 3 Reasons For A Combination Implant Placement Approach

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Dual Plane Breast Augmentation: 3 Reasons For A Combination Implant Placement Approach

Does Location Matter With Breast Augmentation?

When women think about breast augmentation, size and shape are the biggest factors that affect results. Yet, plastic surgeons have other factors to consider, so the patient receives the best result. One such factor is the location of the breast implant. Some implants are placed over the chest muscle wall, called subglandular placement. Others go just behind the pectoralis major muscle and are called submuscular placement. However, there is a 3rd option, the dual plane breast augmentation.

Understanding the dual plane implant

Some doctors will take a hybrid approach to install the implant. The upper part of the implant remains behind the muscle wall. The lower part of the implant sits behind the breast tissue but on top of the chest muscle. The surgeon will use a combination implant placement approach to complete the dual plant implant. Each type of procedure has pros and cons. However, 3 benefits make dual plane implants appealing.

1. A natural-looking appearance

With the upper pole behind the muscular wall, the implant can adopt a teardrop appearance. The bottom half fills out more. This is a more natural look with excellent lift. Women looking for a moderate increase in size will also benefit from dual plane implants.

2. A customizable procedure

The dual plane approach can be used to varying degrees, making breast augmentation more customizable. For example, placing more of the implant in different positions can slightly move the nipple and improve mild sagging. This procedure is best for women who’ve experienced sagging after pregnancy or wish for a fuller, lower breast.

3. It lasts longer

On average, dual plane implants last longer than subglandular or submuscular implants. This is because the upper pole behind the muscular wall holds the implant in place while still giving the patient the right lift. This reduces the chances of ruptures. There is also a reduced chance of displacement or capsular contracture.

Are there any disadvantages?

All procedures have pros and cons. The dual plane breast augmentation is more complicated but can produce higher satisfaction rates. These implants also move more compared to submuscular placement. Furthermore, based on the size of the implants, there could be rippling at the end of the lower pole. Discuss any concerns with the surgeon before proceeding.

Enjoy a better implant

All implant placement methods have significant advantages. Subglandular implants offer a faster recovery and natural movement with the rest of the breast tissue. On the other hand, submuscular implants have a more natural look and reduced chances of capsular contracture. A dual plane implant gives the patient the benefits of both procedures. Not everyone is a good candidate for dual plane implants. The patient should have sufficient breast tissue while looking for great results and a gentle lift. Explore all options with the plastic surgeon and choose the best techniques.

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