A Quick Overview Of The Effectiveness Of SculpSure

The Effectiveness Of SculpSure | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach CA

A Quick Overview Of The Effectiveness Of SculpSure

Due to the biological processes involved, there is a gradual change as cells within the body digest remnants of the fat cells that are destroyed during the SculpSure treatment process. It’s almost magical, but it is “gradual” and does involve some patience.

Results With SculpSure

Most patients will begin to see results at approximately six weeks after the initial SculpSure treatment, with additional improvement continuing during the following six weeks. This process takes time to occur, however, and that is why it may seem that there are few, if any, results at first. Most individuals report up to a 24% fat loss in the 6 – 12 weeks following the SculpSure treatment.

Treatment Series With SculpSure

Many individuals opt for multiple SculpSure treatments. It is recommended that you wait twelve weeks between the treatment appointments. This is an adequate amount of time for the cell debris to be removed from your system, as well for you to see the results from your last treatment.

For some patients, it can take anywhere from one to three treatments to yield optimal results. The results are largely dependent on how resistant the fat deposits may be, but very often it can be because some clients have higher expectations and are looking for exciting results, which are best accomplished by having multiple SculpSure treatments.

Dr. John Park has extensive experience with SculpSure. He believes in the science behind the procedure and offers it to his patients with much success. Come and speak with Dr. Park regarding SculpSure treatments. During your complimentary consultation, he will explain the procedure and indicate to you how many treatments may be required for optimum results. Call Dr. Park in Newport Beach today at (949) 777-6883.

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