How a Facelift Restores a Youthful Appearance

Facelift Restores a Youthful Appearance | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

How a Facelift Restores a Youthful Appearance

What’s the first thing you notice about a person? At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, we know that whether you say eyes, lips, or “general appearance,” what you mean is the face—and a facelift can give you back the youthfulness and confidence that can begin to wane with age. We look to a person’s face for clues about who they are, including their age, their current mood, and their overall character. Unfortunately, the combination of thin skin in many areas of the face, constant exposure to the elements, and loss of elasticity can make the face age faster than the rest of the body.

Combining a facelift and neck lift

Some people know to look to the neck or hands for clues as to how old a person is, and that’s certainly a good indicator. The neck and hands, like the face, also have thin skin and are exposed to damaging elements like UV rays. That’s why we work with clients to achieve a holistic youthful appearance, often combining a facelift with a neck lift. If you want your hands to “match” your new youthful appearance, options like laser skin resurfacing or injectables can help. Every treatment is fully customized to give you the results you deserve.

Why many people turn to a facelift

A facelift offers the most dramatic results, instantly taking years off your appearance while still looking natural. Many patients are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can resume many daily activities just ten days after surgery. Today’s incisions and sutures are small, hidden near the ears, and nearly impossible to see once healing is complete. By tucking incisions into the natural folds of the ears, you can showcase your new, youthful appearance with confidence.

For many clients, the facelift is a foundational surgery. Additional procedures, such as cheek restoration, fat transfers, or injectables, maximize their facelift results. A youthful appearance starts with taut, smooth skin paired with a sound structure below the surface, things that a facelift provides. However, replacing volume in areas like the cheeks, lips, and beneath the eyes can take your new look to the next level.

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