Sarah Ferguson Gets Candid about Plastic Surgery

Sarah Ferguson Talks Plastic Surgery | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Sarah Ferguson Gets Candid about Plastic Surgery

The right cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach can give you the royal treatment. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, every patient rests easy (with or without a crown) knowing they’re in the best possible hands for a breast augmentation, facelift, tummy tuck, or liposuction. Plastic surgery has gone mainstream, with everyone from British royalty to the gal and guy next door choosing to customize their appearance and enhance their confidence with permanent and beautiful results only these top surgeries can provide.

Picking the Right Surgeries

Across the pond, Sarah Ferguson is a big fan of a little nipping and tucking—and recently opened up to the press about her favorite procedures. Also known as Duchess Fergie, the wife of Prince Andrew told the Daily Mail that she used to depend strictly on Botox “when there was nothing else available.” However, she’s been a fan of the facelift since 2013.

Like many women, “Fergie” wanted to address the natural fine lines and wrinkles that naturally occur with age and UV exposure. Even in the gray mists of England, UV rays can and do affect the skin. Plus, like many fair women, she also faces a higher risk of sun damage. According to Fergie, “I really don’t like the frozen look. I’m so animated and I like to be myself. I don’t like the thought of needles and am very glad if I look well and happy.”

A facelift can restore youthfulness with results that are immediate and last for years. Today’s facelifts require tiny incisions that are easily hidden in the natural folds of the ears. This procedure also means foregoing ongoing appointments that require needles, and there is zero risk of the “frozen look” that Fergie prefers to avoid.

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“I’m really happy to be open about what I’ve had done,” reveals the Duchess. “I think if you look at photos of me after I had it done, I look much better.” However, you don’t need to be constantly in the spotlight, like Fergie, to access and enjoy the benefits of a facelift or any other cosmetic surgery. Your Newport Beach plastic surgeon can help you achieve the results you want and deserve. Contact John Park MD Plastic Surgery today at (949) 777-6883 and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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