What Can Be Expected From The First SculpSure Treatment?

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What Can Be Expected From The First SculpSure Treatment?

Because SculpSure is a new, non-invasive fat reducing technology, there are a lot of questions regarding it. Some of the other fat reducing procedures have reputations of being quite uncomfortable. SculpSure is different. Here are a few tips from Dr. John Park and what patients are reporting with this exciting new technology.

How SculpSure Works and Treatments

The laser cycles from heat to cool, and is placed on the target area. As the patient begins to feel the heat rising, the cooling cycle starts and the heat diminishes. It is mildly uncomfortable and is a similar feeling to a mild cramp. The procedure vacillates from heat to cooling for a period of 25 minutes. Many people find it helpful to read or play with their your phone during the procedure…making the time go by a bit faster.

SculpSure Downtime and Recovery

There is literally no down time after SculpSure. You may feel a bit of soreness in the area targeted, but by and large, you will have minimal pain or discomfort after the procedure. Then the results begin to appear. After about 6-8 weeks people start to notice the effect. By 10 weeks it will be very noticeable. The great thing about SculpSure is that you can continue to get treatments every few weeks. And…remember, the fat cells are destroyed – which means it would be very hard for that particular area to ever be a problem again.

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