Getting A Beach Body: Planning Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

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Getting A Beach Body: Planning Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

How Do I Get The Best Beach Body?

From low-carb diets and Pilates to protein-centric diets and weights, preparing for the beach looks different for everyone. While waiting for the warm weather, there’s time to get a beach body. For some women, a breast augmentation can provide visual results with mental benefits. Making up 17% of plastic surgeries worldwide, breast augmentations are the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in the US and around the world. However, mapping out recovery before the procedure is crucial to achieving the desired surgical outcomes. The length of the road to recovery depends on the woman, but most breast augmentations require 1-2 months of recovery at a minimum. Ultimately, recovery depends on the woman’s level of activity, visual goals, and family health history.

Prepping for a breast augmentation

Across the United States, approximately 313,000 breast augmentation surgeries are performed each year.
Before deciding on breast implants, prioritize stability with mental and physical health. Untreated chronic diseases, ongoing infections, and any underlying health issues must be resolved before pursuing breast augmentation surgery. Most surgeons prefer women to limit tobacco and alcohol before surgery, as both substances can trigger bleeding and other complications. Women with uneven, elongated, or asymmetrical breasts are ideal candidates for adding volume and shape via breast augmentation. As with any surgery, the breast implant procedure comes with benefits and drawbacks. The best patients understand this and work with the plastic surgeon to determine the best plan of action.

Taking care of yourself

No matter the amount of plastic surgery performed each year, recovery depends on consistent aftercare. If planning a breast augmentation ahead of an event, give the body at least 4-8 weeks for recovery. The length of recovery depends on how the body tolerates the new implants and the level of postoperative care, such as proper rest and anti-inflammatory medication.

What about risk?

Breast augmentation surgery is generally considered safe, but every surgery comes with the potential for complications. The risk of complications increases with tobacco use, a sedentary lifestyle, and a poor diet. Women at high risk for long-term health concerns should plan to consult a doctor. In approximately 1% of cases, women experience slow wound healing and swelling. Although unlikely, discuss overall health history and any other individual concerns with the selected plastic surgeon. A successful breast augmentation relies on consistent care and quick intervention in cases of complications.

Your recovery timeline

Every year, thousands of women around the world reap the mental and physical benefits of breast augmentation. Combined with healthy habits and clear visual goals, recovery from breast augmentation takes 4-8 weeks. Whether building a beach body for vacation or a day trip, breast augmentations help many women increase body image.

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