Getting A Breast Lift Instead Of Breast Augmentation: What’s Best For You

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Getting A Breast Lift Instead Of Breast Augmentation: What’s Best For You

Do I Look Worse Online?

As online meetings become foundational to the working world, office workers spend more and more time looking at faces. Recent research reveals that approximately 40% of people without any previous cosmetic procedures are now considering cosmetic surgery due to increased time spent on video-conferencing platforms. Widely considered the gold standard of anti-aging, the number of facelifts continues to rise every year. The surgeon removes excess skin from the face and neck during a facelift to smooth deep wrinkles. By investing in a facelift procedure, patients can enjoy a renewed sense of youth, whether in the office or a Zoom meeting.

Battle of the sexes

With over 90% of facelifts in the US currently performed on women, male patients are a relatively new demographic to the procedure. However, men considering facelift medical procedures should ensure a plastic surgeon has experience performing facelifts for male patients. The bone and tissue structure of a man’s face differs from women’s. As a result, seeking out a surgeon with applicable knowledge is paramount to the success of the procedure.

The road to recovery

A common myth about facelifts is that the recovery process is taxing, not to mention long and painful. While facelifts in previous years required a long time to heal, medical technology has shortened the process to approximately 2-3 weeks. The SMAS complex, the deep muscles, and skin are raised to remove deep wrinkles and skin sagging during a facelift. Doctors manipulate the face’s deep tissue, creating durable results that frequently last 10 years or longer.

The key is self-care

The time to recovery relies on the patient’s behavior and how well the skin is cared for after the procedure. While swelling and bruising after a facelift peak at 2-3 days post-operation, patients must resist covering bruises with any product until 2-3 days post-op. Guaranteeing a smooth healing process, many experts recommend waiting for several days after the procedure before applying products of a liquid consistency to the face.

Zooming through recovery

With hundreds of thousands of facelifts performed every year in the US, the procedure becomes more mainstream with each passing year. A facelift can restore a youthful appearance for many Americans, correcting the cheeks and jawline to combat the de-voluminization that naturally occurs in aging. Provided patients care for the skin properly and don’t rush the healing process, facelifts can help patients restore a youthful face, both on and offline.

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