Getting A Breast Lift Instead Of Breast Augmentation: What’s Best For You

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Getting A Breast Lift Instead Of Breast Augmentation: What’s Best For You

Is It Time For A Breast Upgrade?

The demand for cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high. More and more women, in particular, are interested in breast implants. Upon visiting a board-certified plastic surgeon, some women are presented with a breast lift as an alternative option. Breast lifts and breast augmentation both have fantastic benefits. The surgeon can decide which option works best.

Understanding breast lifts

Breast lift procedures are also called mastopexy. The goal of a breast lift is to change the position of the breast. Breast sag over time due to gravity, pregnancy, and weight changes. The nipples and areolae also point downward, creating an undesirable effect. The doctor makes incisions around the areola and breast creases. The skin and tissue are strategically repositioned to lift the breasts. Breast lifts are an excellent option for women with back pain due to sagging breasts and excess skin.

More volume with breast augmentation

Breast augmentations or breast implants increase the size and volume of the breast. The surgeon installs silicone or saline implants through incisions at strategic locations. The patient must decide on factors like the size of the implants, implant location, and volume. Breast implants are popular for women concerned about breast size and symmetry. For many patients, breast augmentation improves confidence and grows in popularity with older women.

Choosing location over volume

Some women may believe that larger breasts are the answer. Larger breasts can help in some cases, but many surgeons discover that breast lifts are enough. These patients have sufficient breast tissue to get the desired volume. However, sagging has the breasts in the wrong location. Breast lifts work well instead of breast augmentations. The procedure gives a more natural feel without increasing the breast size. Furthermore, the approach combats the changes that come with age.

Can you do both?

Some women struggle with both sagging skin and a loss of volume. These factors are often common after multiple pregnancies or drastic weight loss. A surgeon may then recommend both a breast lift and augmentation. The procedures co-occur, which reduces the overall surgery and any possible complications.

Trust your surgeon

Breast augmentation brings much-needed volume for women with smaller breasts. Breast lifts are a more effective procedure for women with larger breasts but severe sagging. By removing excess skin and repositioning tissue, women can achieve fuller, perkier breasts. With the guidance of a surgeon, patients can have a breast lift or a lift and augmentation.

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