Gummy Bear Implants: Natural Breast Placement & Feel

john park plastic surgery Gummy Bear Implants Natural Breast Placement & Feel

Gummy Bear Implants: Natural Breast Placement & Feel

A New Option For Breast Augmentation

For most women considering breast augmentation, size is often the primary reason. However, the majority of women are primarily concerned about having a natural-looking implant. Since the first silicone implant in the 1940s, the design and techniques have changed dramatically to help achieve this desired look. Today, gummy bear implants are one of the more popular selections available. These implants may provide an improved look and feel compared to saline or traditional silicone implants.

Not your average implant

A gummy bear implant is a nickname for a particular type of silicone-based breast implant. Unlike traditional silicone implants, the gummy bear has a dense, gel-like silicone interior. The name comes from the popular gummy candy, which the implant resembles when cut in half. This patented material holds the same shape even if the outer shell breaks. The gel interior also gives gummy bear implants a teardrop appearance, which many women report has a more natural look and feel.

Gummy bear vs. traditional implants

Cosmetic surgeons and patients still use and appreciate traditional silicone implants. Since the FDA approval of gummy bear implants in 2013, however, there are some key differences. Conventional silicone implants have a more liquid consistency compared to the thicker gummy bear. As a result, gummy implants are less likely to leak onto surrounding tissue should the implant rupture. This difference also makes gummy bear implants slightly firmer with less bounce, giving a younger woman’s breast appearance. At the same time, both provide a smoother, more natural feel compared to saline. The surgeon will present all options, describing the pros and cons to help patients make the best decision.

Pros and cons of gummy bear implants

Gummy bear implants are a fantastic option for augmentation or reconstruction but are not for everyone. What makes these implants popular is the soft yet firm, natural feel. The inner gel is less likely to rupture, and if a rupture happens, the implant is less likely to leak to the surrounding tissue. As this can be difficult to detect, doctors recommend screenings every 2 years. A dense, teardrop shape provides a more natural hang at the bottom of the breast. However, the breast may not look as even if the implant were to shift out of place. Gummy bear implants are also more expensive and need longer incisions, increasing the risk of scarring.

Achieving natural breast placement

With the teardrop appearance, the gummy bear is designed to achieve a natural look and feel. In addition, the implant has a unique textured exterior that allows breast tissue to grow around the implant quickly. This step reduces the chance of the implant shifting over time or capsular contracture. The surgeon can then install the implant in the right place and be confident of the results. And unlike traditional silicone implants, the gummy bear implant usually does not depend on existing tissue. As a result, gummy bear implants work well for reconstruction surgeries.

Choose what’s right for you

A gummy bear implant has some fantastic advantages for women seeking breast augmentation or reconstruction. These implants retain a natural shape, smoothness and give a more natural feel. Although traditional implants are pretty safe, these have the added advantage of not leaking in the event of a rupture. First, make sure to find a board-certified plastic surgeon with gummy bear implant experience. It is essential to ask as many questions about the pros and cons before choosing the best option with the best results.

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