Which Is Right For Me? High Or Low Profile Breast Implants

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Which Is Right For Me? High Or Low Profile Breast Implants

It is quite common for women who are considering breast implants or breast augmentation surgery in the Newport Beach area, inquiring specifically as to whether higher or lower profile implants are best?

What Are High or Low Profile Implants?

The higher profile implants add projection, while the lower profile implants will narrow the cleavage. Even though they both would have similar volume, they will ultimately have different shapes.

Being somewhat narrower from side to side, but rounder in shape is the characteristic of the high profile implants. They will give you more fullness and be rounder in the upper part of the breast. They may have less cleavage and more of a gap. Ultimately they will tend to look more like “the push-up bra” look than the medium profile.

The medium profile implant will tend to be a little wider, but give less fullness on the top. In many practices, this shape is a bit more attractive, but it’s a matter of patient preference.

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Your plastic surgeon will take precise measurements to make sure you will be getting the size and shape of implant you are desiring. The proper breast implant size and the right width decided with your body structure in mind gives your plastic surgeon what he needs to work with for long-lasting, pleasing results.

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