How Breast Implants May Help Restore Your Confidence After Beating Breast Cancer

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How Breast Implants May Help Restore Your Confidence After Beating Breast Cancer

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are medical devices used to surgically enhance the body. Technology has drastically advanced since breast implants were first introduced decades ago. Now, most implants are made with a silicone outer shell. The inner substance is a cohesive silicone gel or a saline solution. These advancements have made breast implants safer with a natural look and feel.

Why would someone with breast cancer need implants?

After a mastectomy, some women opt for breast reconstruction using breast implants. A mastectomy is surgery to remove a tumor and the surrounding breast tissue to prevent the spread of breast cancer. Mastectomies remove the entire breast including the nipple and areola. In a double mastectomy, both breasts are removed. Patients that have undergone mastectomies may consider breast implants to replace the look and feel of natural breasts.

How are implants placed in someone with a mastectomy?

For patients with mastectomies, doctors place the implant underneath the chest muscle. Doctors use tissue expanders to expand the muscle and form a pocket for the breast implant insertion. Tissue expanders take time to stretch the muscle, so patients will have to undergo multiple surgeries to achieve the desired results.

Can breast implants cause breast cancer?

Research shows that some breast implants can cause breast-implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). This is a rare cancer associated with the immune system that develops in the scar tissue around a breast implant. Textured breast implant shells made with silicone and polyurethane pose a higher risk of causing BIA-ALCL. However, more research still needs to be done regarding this type of cancer.

Can breast implants restore confidence?

Dealing with breast cancer and a mastectomy is a life-changing event for a patient. Breasts are associated with femininity, so many female patients can struggle with feelings of inadequacy when the breasts are removed. Breast reconstruction can help restore a sense of normalcy to breast cancer survivors.

Should I speak to a doctor about breast reconstruction?

Patients should consult a physician and a plastic surgeon before considering breast reconstruction. A medical professional can provide additional information about breast reconstruction and breast implants. Healthcare providers can also counsel patients regarding surgical options. Additional options include using tissue from another area of the body, like the abdomen, to reconstruct the breast. Schedule a consultation with a doctor to learn more.

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