How Long After Breast Augmentation Will My Profile Look More Natural

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How Long After Breast Augmentation Will My Profile Look More Natural

A Natural Look After Augmentation

In the US, breast augmentation is a common plastic surgery procedure performed. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women opt for implants to improve the body’s profile. In some cases, the surgery is performed as a reconstructive process to improve the look of the breasts after medically necessary procedures such as mastectomies and lumpectomies. Knowing when the breasts will be done healing is important before having surgery.

During recovery

For most people that undergo breast augmentation, the main recovery period after initially getting breast implants usually ranges from 6-8 weeks. During this time frame, the look and feel of the breasts can change as time passes. Immediately after the surgery and for the first week, swelling is the most commonly reported complaint, along with pain and discomfort. Pain medications are prescribed to control side effects, and after the first month, discomfort should subside. Remember that a person’s profile may not look as expected as the body recovers.

Initial perceptions

Immediately following breast augmentation, a woman’s breasts may look higher than expected. Additionally, the implants might look flatter than anticipated, however, the initial view is expected. Some women may be concerned, but a slightly flat and high implant is normal during the recovery period. In most cases, the unexpected profile is because the body must adjust to having breast implants. Directly after surgery, the skin and muscle tissue surrounding the implants are tighter, making the overall look higher and flatter.

Drop and fluff

Time is required for a common post-op process known as drop and fluff to occur. The phrase refers to the breast implants slowly dropping into place and spreading out into the breasts for a more natural appearance. Drop and fluff begins as the muscles around the implants start to relax. As the movement begins and healing continues, the breasts should look softer, more rounded, and smoother.

What’s the timeline?

Drop and fluff is an integral part of the overall recovery timeline. Note that initial bruising and swelling usually resolve within 1-2 weeks after a person undergoes breast augmentation. For most people, after the first 2 weeks, the implants should begin to naturally shift into place. However, plastic surgery candidates should know that the entire process can take 3-6 months for the implants to shift into the final location.

Be prepared for changes

Along with drop and fluff, women considering breast augmentation should be aware that the shape and fullness of the breasts can change throughout the recovery period. The precise timeline for the implants achieving the desired results depends on a person’s overall health and experience during the healing process. As a result, many surgeons recommend waiting before buying a new wardrobe, as shape and size can fluctuate before reaching the desired breast profile.

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