How To Choose Breast Implant Location: Is Subpectoral Placement More Natural Looking?

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How To Choose Breast Implant Location: Is Subpectoral Placement More Natural Looking?

For The Most Natural Profile

Opting for breast implants has become so popular and commonplace that many people don’t consider the procedure major surgery. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women worldwide undergo breast augmentation to improve the body’s profile and boost self-esteem. Many individuals are unaware of decisions that can impact the final results of implants, such as where and how the implants will be inserted in the chest.

Why placement matters

When undergoing breast augmentation, knowing where a surgeon will insert and position the implant is critical to determine how the final results will present. While the actual shape of the implant and the volume requested are important, placement is a critical factor. Subglandular, submuscular, and subpectoral are various placement options patients can choose from.

Subglandular vs submuscular

Patients opting for subglandular placement will have the implant positioned over the muscle but under the existing breast tissue. While recovery is usually quicker, the final results may be less natural. However, some people like that with a subglandular position, the implants experience less movement during vigorous exercise. By contrast, a submuscular approach means the implant is positioned under the muscle. Although recovery is slightly longer and implant movement is more likely, women will achieve a more natural look and have a reduced risk of capsular contracture.

How subpectoral differs

Women considering breast implants can view subpectoral placement as the middle ground between subglandular and submuscular locations. Subpectoral implants are placed between the pectoralis minor and pectoralis major muscles. The procedure can offer a more natural appearance with less chance of rippling. However, because more manipulation is required to fit the implant, longer recovery time and additional waiting for the material to drop into place are common drawbacks. Subpectoral placement is recommended for women considering having more babies, as the implant location is less likely to interfere with breastfeeding. Additionally, for overall breast health, subpectoral implants don’t pose an issue for routine mammograms.

Other influencing factors

Many women are unaware that being able to choose implant placement above or under the muscle is even an option. However, other mitigating factors will influence which location is most viable. For example, an individual’s body type and health may dictate a preferred solution. Meanwhile, the total volume of the implant, as well as choosing between saline or silicone material, will also contribute to the final decision. Women should also consider the starting breast profile, as some positions, like subpectoral, are not optimal for improving sagging breasts without also performing a breast lift.

Choosing the right location

Women should understand that individual anatomy, underlying health concerns, and even the desired results are all criteria that will ultimately determine the correct position for breast implant placement. While subpectoral implants provide a more natural profile, not all women are ideal candidates. Speaking with a board-certified plastic surgeon can help women understand what to expect and make a more informed decision.

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