How To Decide If You Need A Breast Lift Or Augmentation?

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How To Decide If You Need A Breast Lift Or Augmentation?

Choosing The Right Breast Surgery

The stigma of cosmetic surgery is quickly becoming a thing of the past. More and more women are encouraged to try different procedures to help with confidence and improve appearance. Breast surgeries are one such procedure that’s constantly growing in demand. Over time, breasts can begin to sag and lose volume due to age, pregnancy, surgery, or weight loss. These changes spur women to visit a cosmetic surgeon for advice. Some women are surprised to find that a breast lift, not a breast augmentation, is the best solution. Choosing the right procedure will help patients be satisfied with the results.

What is a breast lift?

Both procedures improve the appearance of the bust in different ways. Breast lifts target sagging skin, called breast ptosis, and sagging tissue. Both issues can cause the breast to look aged and unappealing. Ptosis can happen due to sudden weight changes, pregnancy, age, or menopause. The surgeon makes incisions in strategic positions to remove excess skin. The breast tissue, including the nipples, is also repositioned to create a fuller, lifted, contoured look.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation focuses on increasing the size and shape of the breasts. The surgeon will install special implants made of silicone or saline. Implants come in increasing sizes, providing either a rounded or teardrop shape. The surgeon uses an incision around the nipple, armpit, or crease of the breast. The implant is then installed on top of the chest muscle or behind the chest muscle. Breast augmentation needs a short recovery period to heal and see the final results.

Which one is right for you?

Deciding on a breast lift or breast augmentation can be a tough choice. Yet, patients can consider a few factors to help with the decision. The position of the nipple is a good indicator of sagging and loss of volume. If the nipple has shifted and pointed downward, a breast lift can help. Breast implants may be best if the patient is unhappy with cup size, shape, and volume.

Why not both?

A patient can have both a breast lift and breast augmentation in some cases. Together, these procedures can bring exceptional results. The combination surgery is perfect for women with smaller, sagging breasts. The implant adds size and volume, while the breast lift adds smoothness, shape, and repositions the nipple. The surgeon may perform both in one operation or multiple operations.

Trust your surgeon

If the size is not an issue, but there are sagging breasts and loose skin, a breast lift is best. For women interested in size and volume, breast implants are best. With the help of a cosmetic surgeon, women excited about breast surgery can make the right choice. That choice may be a breast lift, augmentation, or both.

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