How To Prevent Scars: What’s The Best Treatment After Surgery

john park plastic surgery How To Prevent Scars What’s The Best Treatment After Plastic Surgery

How To Prevent Scars: What’s The Best Treatment After Surgery

Meaning Of Scars

A scar is developed when a person is injured from an accident or burns or recovering from surgery. Scars are formed as part of the body’s healing process after damaged parts of the skin. During the healing process, the damaged skin is replaced by new tissue. Scars disappear over time, but sometimes treatment may be required depending on the type of scar.

Types of scars

There are various kinds of scars that come in different shapes and sizes. The location and the cause of the scar play a factor. Other contributing factors such as age, skin color, genes, and medications may have an effect on the healing process. The different types of scars include flat, depressed, raised, contracture, stretch marks, and keloid. The healing process of each type of scar varies from person to person, depending on the contributing factors.

General preventive methods

The formation of scars can be prevented by taking the necessary precautions. Any advice or precautions given by the healthcare provider requires dedication and being wary.

  • Keep the wound clean and covered.
  • Massage the scar with vitamin E and apply dressings to help with recovery and prevents scab formation.
  • If there are any stitches or sutures, follow the healthcare provider’s instructions to care for the wound.
  • Avoid sun exposure to prevent the worsening of the scar.
  • Avoid any excessive stress on the wound, such as lifting or moving heavy objects.
  • Staying hydrated and maintaining a nutritious, healthy diet may help in healing the process.

Treatment possibilities

Sometimes adamant scars do not go away even after taking the necessary precautions. However, there are treatment options that may lessen the scar. These include topical creams and ointments, dermabrasion, chemical peels, injections, laser treatment and bleaching. Depending on the situation, sometimes more than one treatment is required. A person may also experience side effects such as pain and itching.

When is it an emergency

Even after taking as many precautions as possible, sometimes an emergency state may occur. There are vital signs to watch out for when such circumstances arise. Essential signs include high fever, bleeding or pus formation, pain, swelling, change in color or size, and sutures pulling away. In this type of situation, consulting the healthcare provider is crucial. If instructions provided by the doctor are followed carefully, there is a possibility of fewer chances of scar formation.

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