How Your Diet Affects Your Recovery: Eat For Healthy Healing After Breast Surgery

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How Your Diet Affects Your Recovery: Eat For Healthy Healing After Breast Surgery

Eat Up For Faster Healing

Whether getting breast implants, a breast lift or a reduction, the procedure is still major surgery. As such, following the post-operative instructions are critical for proper healing and achieving the desired results. Besides resting as recommended or avoiding strenuous activities, what a person eats can also influence the recovery experience.

Start with clear liquids

Immediately following surgery, many surgeons often recommend avoiding solid foods for the first meals. Bone broth or other clear liquids are hydrating but gentle on the tummy. Choices such as water, ice chips, broths, and even unsweetened teas can all be great ways to get hydrated and consume some nutrients. For the best results, sip slowly to avoid triggering nausea or vomiting.

Skip the processed foods

Junk food can be comforting but is low on nutrition which the body desperately needs during recovery. Processed foods such as fast food or sports drinks can encourage inflammation because of the added salts and sugars. Meanwhile, these foods are light on nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Drink up with H2O

Staying hydrated is critical after surgery. Patients are encouraged to choose healthier drink options such as water or unsweetened teas. Getting enough hydration can aid in reducing swelling, a common side effect after plastic surgery or any operation. Consuming 8-12 glasses of water daily is the best way to stay hydrated post-op.

Avoid sugar and salt

Similar to processed foods, consuming too much salt or sugar can also be bad for recovery. These ingredients can lead to reduced hydration and cause water retention or swelling. Be mindful of how much salt or sugar is being consumed per meal.

Focus on protein

Lean protein, such as skinless chicken breast or salmon, is a great option to ensure enough protein is consumed after surgery. Vegetarians can opt for tofu, beans, yogurt, or quinoa. Proteins work to help the body repair injuries. Fatty fishes like tuna and salmon are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that aid in reducing inflammation in the body.

Avoid alcohol

Even a small amount of alcohol should be avoided post-surgical procedures. Not only will alcohol interact negatively with any pain medications, but alcohol can also encourage dehydration. For some people, alcohol can even slow breathing to dangerous levels. For the quickest recovery, steer clear of beer, wine, and liquor until given the green light by the doctor.

Follow post-op instructions

While every surgeon has preferences for what to do after surgery, all doctors agree on basic instructions like getting enough rest, eating right and staying hydrated. In addition, the surgical staff typically provides steps to optimize healing and ensure the desired results of the surgery. When considering dietary choices during recovery, consider speaking with the surgeon or facility. Selecting the right foods can be the ticket to a seamless recovery.

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