Caring For Your Investment After Breast Augmentation

Caring For Your Investment After Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Park

Caring For Your Investment After Breast Augmentation

Electing to have breast augmentation is a significant investment in your confidence and overall health, so clearly you will want to protect that investment. There are little things you can do following breast augmentation at John Park MD Plastic Surgery that will keep your breast implants looking firm and youthful.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

You know how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle for your overall health, but it’s beneficial for your breast augmentation as well. Any weight gain or loss can affect the look of your newly, contoured breasts. Drastic weight gain can cause your breasts to droop and alter the results of your breast augmentation. This could possibly lead to you needing a breast lift or revision in the future.

Support Your Fuller Bustline

Immediately following surgery, Dr. Park will give you directions on how to care for your breasts, including advising you to wear a surgical bra. Once you have fully healed you’ll no longer need a surgical bra but rather a well-supported bra. It’s important that your breasts are properly supported to prevent bouncing and premature sagging.

Moisturize Breast Skin

The skin surrounding your breasts is just as delicate as the skin on your face. It too can age from lack of hydration and decreased collagen and elastin. Following a proper skin care routine for your breasts can help keep your breast skin smooth and soft. It will also help to maintain the health of your breast tissue keeping it firm and elastic. You know to wear sunscreen with SPF on your face, but you will also need to use it on your cleavage and any other skin that is exposed to the sun’s dangerous rays. By doing this and remembering to moisturize it will keep your breast skin hydrated and looking youthful and fresh.

Remember Your Mammogram

You know how important getting your annual mammogram is and that doesn’t change following breast augmentation. A breast exam will ensure that not only your natural breast tissue is healthy but also your breast implants. Implants can shift and occasionally rupture without any notice, so a regular breast exam can detect any possible risks or abnormalities. You’ll want to make it known when scheduling your mammogram that you have implants.

Breast Augmentation at John Park MD Plastic Surgery

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