Involutional Ptosis: Is A Breast Lift Or Augmentation Better For Sagging Breasts?

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Involutional Ptosis: Is A Breast Lift Or Augmentation Better For Sagging Breasts?

Which Surgery Is Best For Sagging Breasts?

Thousands of women visit surgeons annually for advice and help for ptosis or sagging breasts. There are different stages of sagging breasts, including involutional ptosis. Sagging breasts are almost inevitable as several factors cause this condition. A breast lift or augmentation can help women looking for a long-term solution. Both surgeries have specific goals to restore the breast location, size, or both.

Types of ptosis

Breast ptosis ranges from mild to severe, usually graded 1-3. The sagging is compared to the inframammary location, the point where the underside of the breast meets the chest. Grade 1 shows a mild sag, just 1-2″ below the breast crease. A grade 2 ptosis is more severe, with the nipple and breast a few inches below the crease. With grade 3, the breast, nipple, and areola are several inches below the inframammary area. Involutional ptosis is another common type, where one or both breasts shrink and droop. Sometimes, the breast can be asymmetrical, or the nipple becomes displaced.

What causes ptosis anyway?

Most women suffer from ptosis due to a combination of aging and genetics. With age comes weakened muscles and tissue, causing gravity to come into play. Some women also have the added factor of genetics. If family members have sagging breasts, the patient will likely experience the same. Even at a younger age with no family history, some women still have ptosis. Sudden weight changes, previous surgery, pregnancy, and breastfeeding are common reasons. These women are eager to restore their breasts to a youthful position that reflects their current lifestyle.

Breast lifts or implants?

People often conflate breast lifts and implants, but these are separate procedures. A breast lift or mastopexy moves the breast to a more natural position. The surgeon removes excess skin while repositioning the tissue and even the nipple, giving fantastic lift and fullness. Breast implants add size, profile, and volume by installing silicone or saline implants. These implants go in front or behind the chest muscle and are great for patients with naturally small breasts. Sometimes, a surgeon will perform both a breast lift and augmentation.

Which one is best for sagging breasts?

The type and degree of sagging play a vital role in the procedure that can help. Mild ptosis will benefit from a breast lift. A lift can be transformational if the patient has enough tissue and size. Grade 2 sagging can also benefit from a breast lift. For grade 3 and involutional ptosis, a breast lift may not be enough. These patients can have asymmetric breasts and reduced breast tissue. Adding Breast implants can increase the size and volume, creating a youthful result.

A new you

Women are sometimes dissatisfied with the size and positioning of the breast due to sagging. Severe cases, like involutional ptosis, can feel even more hopeless. Thanks to surgery, women no longer have to live with sagging breasts. A simple breast lift helps with mild sagging. For severe cases, adding breast implants is a fantastic option. The surgeon will recommend the right procedure for the best results.

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