Is a Mommy Makeover for Me?

Is a Mommy Makeover for Me? | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Is a Mommy Makeover for Me?

A mommy makeover typically consists of a tummy tuck and breast augmentation or breast lift. It’s a specialty at John Park MD Plastic Surgery, and can help new moms on their journey towards a healthy lifestyle after their latest family dynamics change. A mommy makeover is a surgery that will require downtime, which is why it’s so important to trust your procedure to a surgical team that is part of your support network.

A tummy tuck removes excess skin that often occurs post-partum. At the same time, liposuction is used to remove extra or stubborn fat that can tend to cling to the belly area. The scar looks much like a C-section scar in many cases, although every patient is unique. If you do have a C-section scar, it might even be possible for a tummy tuck scar to utilize it to prevent any additional scarring. Otherwise, tummy tuck scars are discretely hidden below the line of underwear.

Breast augmentation is the combination of a breast lift and breast implants. It’s the most common type of cosmetic breast surgery and the most common breast surgery during a mommy makeover. However, if moms prefer to only have a breast lift or breast implants, that’s also a possibility. Your mommy makeover is 100 percent yours and customizable.

Breastfeeding moms are often encouraged to wait until after they are finished having biological children and breastfeeding to undergo any cosmetic breast surgery. In rare cases, breastfeeding can become compromised with breast augmentation. Plus, with the downtime necessary post-surgery, it will be nearly impossible for a breastfeeding mom to feed or pump while in recovery.

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Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful, but the wear and tear on mom can be challenging. Diet and exercise are important for a healthy mom, but when it comes to sagging skin, weakened ab muscles, and stubborn pockets of fat, there’s a limit to what a healthy lifestyle can achieve. Find out if a mommy makeover is a right match for your goals by calling John Park MD Plastic Surgery at (949) 777-6883.

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