Is It Safe To Use A Sauna Or Jacuzzi After Plastic Surgery?

john park plastic surgery Is It Safe To Use A Sauna Or Jacuzzi After Plastic Surgery

Is It Safe To Use A Sauna Or Jacuzzi After Plastic Surgery?

The Basics of Post-Op Care

After any form of plastic surgery, doctors give patients a list of instructions to follow for the weeks and months ahead. These instructions vary based on the type of procedure performed and the patient’s medical history/circumstances. Patients will receive specific instructions regarding showering and bathing. One of these rules is to stay away from pools, Jacuzzis, and saunas.

Does water matter?

Doctors recommend patients drink lots of water before and after surgery. Staying hydrated before and after surgery is key to a better healing process. However, things are different regarding physical contact with water. Exposing fresh wounds and incisions to water can do more harm than good. Therefore, doctors have strict instructions for contact with pools, lakes, and other standing pools of water after surgery.

Saunas, Steam, Swelling

The excessive steam from a sauna or jacuzzi could cause complications for patients healing from plastic surgery. For facelift patients, the excess moisture can cause facial swelling and inflammation, which can also cause hematomas and infection. Patients with new breast implants can also experience a warming sensation of the surrounding breast tissue, which warrants a visit to the doctor.

Just a jacuzzi, right?

Like other still bodies of water like pools and lakes, avoid jacuzzis for the first few months after surgery. Jacuzzis can be breeding grounds for bacteria, and the hot tub may not get cleaned often or get used by various people with questionable hygiene. Bacteria-filled water and microbes can seep into incisions or fresh wounds and cause significant infections. Typically, doctors recommend staying away from jacuzzis for at least 4 weeks after surgery.

Getting clean again

As mentioned earlier, doctors will give patients specific instructions for post-op showering. Showering is essential because patients get the opportunity to clean incisions and change wound dressings correctly. However, patients should avoid high water temperatures and too much steam. Typically, most plastic surgery patients get the OK to shower 48 hours or more after surgery.

Do I need to talk to my doctor?

Yes, patients should consult a physician before using a jacuzzi or sauna after surgery. Even if patients wait weeks to use a sauna, the surgeon may still have some concerns. For any questions regarding post-operative care, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

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