Is There An Age Limit To Breast Surgery? Breast Lifts And Augmentation After 50

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Is There An Age Limit To Breast Surgery? Breast Lifts And Augmentation After 50

Fantastic Breasts At Any Age

There’s a common misconception that breast surgery is only for younger women. At age 50, some women are entering a 2nd or 3rd phase of life, feeling younger than ever. At the same time, some women experience changes, like sagging breasts, that don’t reflect these feelings. Others see 50 and beyond as an excellent opportunity to create more confidence with breast implants. More of these patients are speaking with plastic surgeons, concerned if there is a cut-off period for surgery. However, in most cases, these patients can get a breast augmentation at almost any age.

What are the benefits?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other governing bodies have not placed an upper age limit on breast augmentation. Surgeons will be more concerned about the patient’s overall health and ability to undergo surgery. Women over 50 will experience several benefits. For starters, breasts begin to sag due to aging, reduced elasticity, weight loss, and gravity. Breast augmentation also increases confidence, self-esteem, and even improves social and intimate relationships. Some women can finally buy form-fitting clothes, which can bring a big boost of confidence. Mature women can enjoy all these benefits and more.

How should 50-and-over patients prepare?

Although women 50 and over can have breast surgery, extra emphasis should be on self-care. Before the procedure, the surgeon will ensure that the patient is physically capable to proceed. Once the patient can have the surgery, doctors recommend a healthy diet, exercise, and excellent sleep leading up to surgery. Stopping smoking and excessive alcohol use also helps with recovery. Since there will be downtime, have a family member or friend available when leaving the hospital. Prepare any medical information and the home in advance to make the process as smooth as possible.

A breast lift with augmentation

Sagging breasts, or ptosis, is common for most women aged 50 and older. Breast implants alone may not provide the look women desire. Therefore, surgeons will recommend a breast lift along with augmentation. Breast lifts, also called mastopexy, is a procedure that lifts the breast and nipple higher onto the chest while removing excess skin. Together with a silicone or saline implant, breast lifts can give women over 50 an excellent, enhanced look.

Are there any risks after 50?

With any surgical procedure at any age, there is the possibility of complications. Women over 50 may take longer to heal. The chance of infections, scarring, pain, and changes in sensation can occur. There is also a risk of capsular contracture, a tightening of the scar tissue around the implant. The surgeon will outline any possible risks and treatment options. A complete medical assessment can also help surgeons find or rule out chronic conditions that can be risk factors for surgery.

A brand new you

Age should not limit women from enjoying new curves. The surgeon can perform breast surgery if the potential patient is in good health. In most cases, the surgeon recommends a breast lift and augmentation. The recovery time may be longer, but the results will far exceed the patient’s expectations. By lifting and increasing the breast size, mature women can confidently start the next stage of life.

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