Is Your 20s Or 30s The Best Time For Implants? Why It’s Better To Get Implants When You’re Young

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Is Your 20s Or 30s The Best Time For Implants? Why It’s Better To Get Implants When You’re Young

The Best Age For Implants

Breast implants are a popular option for women with smaller breasts, asymmetrical breasts, or those looking for a boost of confidence. The procedure has high success and satisfaction rates for both saline and silicone implants. Saline breast implants are approved for women 18 and over, while silicone implants are approved for women 21 and older. Most women who opt for breast implants are 35-50. However, implants have some benefits during the 20s or early 30s.

Too young for surgery?

Women thinking about implants during the 20s and 30s should pause before scheduling surgery. Some women still experience breast development between ages 18-21. Doctors recommend that the patient wait to schedule surgery after at least 6-12 months of stable size. Ages 21 and over is the best time to determine if the breasts are too small, asymmetrical, or lacking fullness. If a woman is unsatisfied with the appearance of the breasts at this age, a plastic surgeon can be consulted to determine if implants are the right choice.

Faster healing in your 20s

Breast implant surgery requires about 4-6 weeks of recovery time, dependent on the patient’s healing ability. Younger women generally have healthier bodies that can heal faster. As a result, there will be less downtime, and women can return to work or normal activities quickly. Patients who chose implants in the 40s, 50s, or 60s may take longer to heal and fully recover.

Baby in the future

Breast size, shape, and profile can change with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women may experience sagging breasts or may lose breast fullness during this life stage. Implants at a younger age mean women can have more time to enjoy shape and fullness before starting a family. However, the procedure may need to be repeated or revised after kids to maintain the same look.

Enjoy implants for longer

The skin produces the maximum amount of collagen, elastin, and keratin at a younger age. These compounds allow the skin to stay tight and elastic. From age 21 on, the body produces less collagen every year. In the early 20s and 30s, the implant will provide maximum lift and fullness. The average implant lasts 10 years, so younger patients can enjoy the implants for longer. At the 10-year mark, doctors recommend new implants via revision surgery. Younger patients can change the type or size of the implant as the body changes, extending the procedure’s benefits.

The power of youth

Breast augmentation helps women of all ages. However, young women have thriving social and professional lives and want to maximize the power of youth. With implants, these women can look and feel great for years. Younger women also heal faster. Speak with a plastic surgeon to fully understand the risks and benefits of the procedure and determine the best age at which to proceed.

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