Tips On How To Keep Your Breast Augmentation Private

Tips On How To Keep Your Breast Augmentation Private | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Tips On How To Keep Your Breast Augmentation Private

Do you want to enhance your bust with breast implants, but don’t want others to know? While most women can’t wait to show off their new curves following breast augmentation, there are some who would much rather keep it to themselves. Breast augmentation from John Park MD Plastic Surgery is a personal decision and one that is entirely up to you on whether or not you want people to know.

Keeping your cosmetic surgery a secret may seem like a challenge because you’re actually altering the shape and size of your body with breast implants; however, it is actually easier to keep your decision private than you might think. Follow these tips and no one will be none the wiser – well, almost no one.

Request Enough Time Off

The last thing you want is to limit your recovery and rush back to work without being fully healed. Request enough time off where it will give you the opportunity to rest and recoup along with allowing you to finish off any pain medications you may have been prescribed. Consider asking for time off when people will naturally assume you are on vacation or visiting family, such as around holidays or during seasonal breaks including spring and summer break.

Divert Attention Away From Your Breasts

A good way to get people to focus on something other than your newly contoured breasts is to give them something else to notice and focus on. Update your hairstyle or get a skin care treatment so people’s attention is directed toward your face and head and not down below. These other little changes will help to enhance your appearance along with your new curves, but it will make it more difficult for people to pinpoint what exactly is making you look so amazing.

Don’t Go Too Big Too Soon

If you’re trying to hide the fact that you are having breast augmentation, then you need to pick an implant size that is not over the top. Remember, you’re not looking for attention and overly large breasts are for sure to draw attention. Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park can help you select an implant that compliments your body’s size and shape. The goal is to look natural and proportionate.

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Breast augmentation doesn’t have to be a flashy procedure that redirects everyone’s eyes onto your bosom. You can get the breast size you desire without letting the entire town know. Let Dr. Park from John Park MD Plastic Surgery help you reach your breast augmentation goals by calling 949-777-6883 and scheduling a consultation.

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