Living Longer & Staying Active: Why Women Over 60 Are Getting Breast Augmentation

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Living Longer & Staying Active: Why Women Over 60 Are Getting Breast Augmentation

Are You Too Old For Breast Augmentation?

Society often reserves breast augmentation for young women, millennials, celebrities, and influencers. Not anymore. Of the hundreds of thousands of women having breast augmentations, a fair share are women over 60. This figure is a clear indication that age is nothing but a number. Age has not stopped healthy 60+ women from having the procedure but why are these women choosing implants?

Women are healthier

Today’s woman is more conscious of health and wellness. Women tend to live longer than men in general. However, advancements in medicine allow women to live even longer than those a generation ago. Women who live longer have more options and breast augmentation can help achieve financial, relationship, and social goals.

Young at heart

Older women are also more active. Women over 60 enjoy sports, travel, and exercise regularly. Others are joining new social circles or getting back on the dating scene. These women feel young and don’t let age deter setting and achieving new goals. Despite this leap, breasts will sag due to gravity, weight, and skin changes. These women want to look and feel the same. A breast augmentation can help.

A life-long dream

Years ago, when some women looked in the mirror, the thought of implants came to mind. This fleeting thought often gets locked away, but the desire remains. Some women want to get back youthful-looking breasts after multiple pregnancies. Others may have had previous surgery. A breast augmentation can help patients finally cross off an item on that bucket list.

Different stages of life

Today, the internet and social media have opened tons of opportunities for women of all ages. Now, women can have different careers, social goals, and personal goals at various stages of life. A record number of women are working remotely, which allows women to pursue different goals. These women may want to have an improved image to remain competitive in new spaces.

A successful sixties augmentation

Before a breast upgrade, 60+ women must consider overall health. Surgeons recommend a complete health checkup first to ensure the patient can have surgery. From there, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with a wealth of experience treating older patients. Breast augmentation is not only about size but the shape, profile, and lifestyle. Choose the right options to match overall goals. The stigmas around augmentation have changed significantly. Women at 60, 70, or even 80 in good health can enjoy the benefits of breast augmentation.

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