Location Matters: The Best Place For Incisions For Breast Augmentation

rs The Best Place For Incisions For Breast Augmentation

Location Matters: The Best Place For Incisions For Breast Augmentation

Why Does Incisions Placement Matter During Breast Surgery?

All surgeries involve incisions. With breast augmentation, surgeons need to make incisions to create a pocket for implant placement. Where the surgeon makes the incisions is important because the incision location is where the patient will have a scar after the operation. When choosing a plastic surgeon, ask about the incision technique. Consider these three best places for incisions during breast augmentation.

Inframammary technique

One of the most common places to make incisions during breast augmentation is in the inframammary fold. The inframammary fold is the crease at the bottom of the breasts, along the natural curve of the body at the top of the ribs. Scarring is hidden easily by a bra or bikini top. But with this technique, surgeons can place any size implant accurately and precisely.

Axillary technique

Making an incision near the armpit is also an option. This is called the axillary approach. The surgeon makes a small tunnel to the breast through the incision. Using an axillary technique involves an endoscope, a long, flexible tool with a light and camera so the surgeon can see clearly. Many women opt for this approach as there will be no scar on the breasts. However, the downside of this technique is the placement of breast implants is less accurate.

Periareolar technique

The surgeon may also make incisions around the lower edge of the areola. This is called the periareolar technique. Because the areola is a darker color and bumpier texture, the scar is more easily concealed in this area. Women who are primarily concerned about noticeable scars may prefer this technique. However, the periareolar incisions can make breastfeeding more challenging, so that is something to consider for women who are planning to have children. Women with smaller areolae may also not be good candidates for this technique, as there may not be enough space to place the implants through such a small incision.

How to choose the right approach

Each approach to breast augmentation comes with benefits and drawbacks. Keep in mind scarring can be minimalized by quitting smoking and using sunscreen during the recovery process. If scars are a concern, ask about treatments after surgery for better concealment. Consulting a plastic surgeon about which technique is best based on individual preferences and needs is the best approach.

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