Looking Your Best: 3 Ways To Prevent Breast Implant Displacement

john park plastic surgery Looking Your Best 3 Ways To Prevent Breast Implant Displacement

Looking Your Best: 3 Ways To Prevent Breast Implant Displacement

Worried About Displacement?

Breast implants are a great way to enhance appearance and boost self-confidence. Yet, the risk of breast implant displacement is a potential side effect many people are unaware of. Implant displacement occurs when the installed implants shift out of position, either inward or further apart, resulting in an unnatural appearance. Displacement can happen with silicone or saline implants. The condition causes pain, discomfort and may require corrective surgery. However, there are several steps patients can take to prevent this complication and maintain the desired aesthetics and function of the implants.

1. Get the right support

Wearing fitted clothing can help reduce the risk of displacement. A supportive bra, for instance, should be worn after surgery. The right bra ensures proper positioning and healing of the implants. These garments also reduce any movement that could cause displacement during recovery. Furthermore, a support bra keeps pressure off specific body parts and helps improve posture while healing occurs. Additionally, some prevent stretching or loosening of the incision site, which may lead to complications like infection or bleeding problems.

2. Take it easy

Breast implant displacement is a common issue that can arise after breast augmentation. The medical term for this condition is symmastia, which occurs when the tissue between the breasts becomes too thin. The implants then migrate across the chest wall. Engaging in activities that could increase pressure on the implant area is a known cause of symmastia. Lifting heavy objects, contact sports, running immediately after surgery, or repetitive movements are common examples. Light walking and stretching are recommended to improve blood flow and reduce swelling, but there should be at least 2-3 weeks of recovery where no strenuous activity is performed.

3. Too much weight?

Maintaining a stable weight is also essential in preventing breast implant displacement. Significant weight gain or loss can cause the implants to become displaced or stretch the surrounding breast tissue. Sometimes, weight changes are unavoidable, such as during pregnancy. However, maintaining a stable weight after surgery will help ensure the implants stay in place and uphold the desired shape and fullness. Focus on a healthy diet during recovery and work on stress reduction techniques to keep those extra pounds at bay. Exercise only when cleared by a doctor.

Don’t be displaced

Breast implant displacement can be a frustrating and disappointing outcome after surgery. Patients can prevent implant displacement by wearing a properly fitted support garment, avoiding certain activities, and maintaining a stable weight. Follow the surgeon’s instructions and be aware of any changes in the position or appearance of the implants. Even with the best preventive measures, breast implant displacement can still occur in rare cases. Factors such as skin elasticity, implant size, and the technique used during surgery can all affect the likelihood of displacement. When this happens, revision surgery is best. With proper care, individuals can enjoy breast implants for years.

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