Maximum Impact: What’s The Best Size Breast Implant For Your Body Type?

john park plastic surgery Maximum Impact What's The Best Size Breast Implant For Your Body Type

Maximum Impact: What’s The Best Size Breast Implant For Your Body Type?

Does Size Matter With Breast Implants?

An essential part of the breast augmentation journey is choosing the right-sized breast implant. Yet, even with the guidance of a plastic surgeon, patients can still feel unsure about the process. As a result, some end up dissatisfied with the results and even opt for revision surgery. With breast implants, size does matter, but there are other essential factors to get the maximum impact.

Size, shape, type, and profile

Most patients visit a surgeon with the expectation of increasing bra cup sizes. Bra size is the most unreliable way to choose an implant. The implant’s size, shape, type, and profile matters. Implant sizes come in cubic centimeters (cc), with 150-200cc representing a cup size, on average. Implants also take a round or teardrop shape, which impacts the appearance. Patients must also consider either silicone or saline implants at the desired profile. The profile determines how far the implant projects from the chest and can range from low to ultra-high profiles.

Other essential factors to consider

Size, shape, type, and profile are the physical parts of the implant, but there are even more factors to consider. The patient’s age, lifestyle, health history, and personal intent matter. For instance, an active woman should choose a smaller augmentation to complement an active body. Age is another crucial factor. Breast tissue can deflate over time, and a larger implant can mean heavy, sagging breasts long-term. These, along with the social and visual goals of the patient, determine the size by body type.

What’s the best implant for your body type?

Considering age, lifestyle, and overall goals, the surgeon will assess height, weight, and overall body shape. Other measurements include the width of the patient’s chest and even the skin’s laxity. From there, both patient and the surgeon can choose the right type and size of the implant. For example, a shorter patient with a more petite frame may look disproportionate with implants too large for the body. However, those same implants can look perfect on a taller patient with a larger structure. On average, patients receive implant sizes between 300-350cc. However, statistics show that women below this figure are more likely to return for larger implants.

Visual aids can help

In short, several factors determine size by body type. However, as the saying goes, seeing is believing. Most cosmetic clinics have molds, images, or 3D technology to show how the implant would look after surgery. The patient can also wear breast implant sizers to experience the size, shape, and weight beforehand. Wearing implant sizers is one of the best ways to decide the best implant size.

Too large or too small?

Even considering general factors and using imaging, some patients still opt for implants that are too large or too small. In both cases, some disadvantages can lead to reduced satisfaction. Choosing an implant that looks too large can look unnatural, spilling into the armpit area. Over time, the implant can cause back pain, cause rippling, and speed up breast sagging. Implants that are too small for the body fail to bring the desired effect. These can also be costly in the long run, thanks to revisions.

Make the right choice for you

The best-sized implant is unique to each patient. Patients must consider all factors, including age, lifestyle, desired look, and overall health. The right breast size also takes height, weight, body shape, and chest size into consideration. The doctor can recommend a larger size for a taller, wider body type. Smaller sizes with larger profiles can benefit a more petite patient. Take the time to try on implant sizers, review images, and ask for testimonials. With the surgeon’s guidance, the odds of a natural look proportionate to the body are possible.

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