Is A Mommy Makeover Right For You?

Is A Mommy Makeover Right For You? | John Park MD Plastic Surgery

Is A Mommy Makeover Right For You?

Having children and creating a family is a reality for most women, and when you have realized that portion of your life, you may find yourself thinking about the reality of a mommy makeover that might likely include a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Pregnancy and childbirth can, as we know, wreak havoc on the human body. It would be wonderful if dieting and exercise alone could bring your pre-baby body back to where it started. But, for most women, this just isn’t the case. Let’s examine what a mommy makeover can accomplish:

What A Mommy Makeover Can Do For You

Essentially, a mommy makeover combines different procedures to solve specific problems that are unique to each individual.

Tummy Tuck – to remove stretched-out skin, excess fat and stretch marks in the abdomen. The procedure also tightens up the midline and can even reposition your belly button.

Liposuction – to remove stubborn fat in the midline, love handles and sometimes the thighs and hips. We can also do liposuction in the bra strap area.

Breast augmentation – to restore the flattened upper area of the breasts and bring back your cleavage.

Breast Lift – to raise sagging breasts and restore the nipples to their original position. This procedure can also improve the appearance of the nipple and areola (the pigmented area around the nipple).

Breast reduction – to remove excess weight still trapped in your breasts.

Eyelid lift – to remove wrinkles and under-eye bags from all those sleepless nights with the baby.

• Other facial procedures, including neurotoxins to help remove the elevens (vertical wrinkles between the eyes), crow’s feet and other wrinkles, or hyaluronic acid fillers (Voluma, Restylane, Juvederm) or fat transfers to improve the wrinkles around the nose, mouth, and lips and to restore fullness in cheeks.

What A Mommy Makeover Is Not

Having realistic expectations about your mommy makeover is crucial for being happy with the results. Yes, a mommy makeover will do many things for you, including a boost in self-esteem. However, being realistic also means becoming aware of what a mommy makeover can’t do for you.

• A tummy tuck is meant to remove an overhang, not remove large amounts of abdominal fat.

• Liposuction only removes small amounts of body fat in select areas. Of course, losing weight is easier said than done, and most women are willing to accept what they can get.

• It’s not magic. You’re trying to look and be the best that you can be. A mommy makeover will not turn you into someone else or even save your marriage.

• It won’t turn the clock back 20 years. A mommy makeover can do a lot to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy shape and give you a more youthful appearance. If that is your expectation, then a mommy makeover might just be for you.

A Mommy Makeover is a very individualized and personal decision. Most women are thrilled with their results, but, it’s not for everyone. Find out if this life-changing procedure is right for you by working with a highly-qualified board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. John Park.

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