Hmm…. A Mommy Makeover…Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

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Hmm…. A Mommy Makeover…Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

Well, if you want to know what other mommies would say, it’s a resounding YES! A nationwide survey found that 62% of women are convinced that a mommy makeover is the ticket to restore their bodies to their pre baby physique. They would definitely consider a tummy tuck and/or breast lift.

Plastic surgeons are finding that women’s attitudes regarding plastic surgery are changing. They are no longer afraid to admit that they miss their pre pregnancy body and that they just may need a little help beyond that diet and exercise, that’s just not doing the trick. The average age of the mommy makeover client is getting younger. Woman don’t want to wait the years that they used to do to reestablish the way they looked before.

Tips To Consider Before Your Mommy Makeover:

  • Choose a board certified plastic surgeon
  • Wait at least 6 months after your last child is born
  • Get close to your goal weight prior to your procedures
  • Think about your post baby body goals and communicate those to your surgeon


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If you are considering a mommy makeover, just like thousands of woman every year, be confident and clear on your expectations. Make a mommy makeover consultation appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon, and be on your way to the “you” you used to be.

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