How Much Weight Gain Will I See After Implants?

Breast Implants and Weight Gain | Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Park

How Much Weight Gain Will I See After Implants?

There are many questions women have regarding prospective breast implant surgery and among them is the question of how much weight is added post op.

Additionally, they are concerned that the added weight will create some of the symptoms associated with larger breasts, such as neck and back problems.

Of course, the amount of weight gain is directly associated with the size of implant you and your doctor choose. Your board certified plastic surgeon will most assuredly guide you to your proper size. Generally, one cc equals 1 gram and in a pound there are 454 grams. Accordingly, two implants weighing 450 cc each would result in a 2 lb weight gain.

When implants in this size range are used, they are easily tolerated and there should be no concern for neck or back pain associated with them, even more so if they are placed beneath the muscle. Placing them beneath the muscle provides added support for the implant.

Breast Augmentation Weight Gain | Dr. John Park

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