Natural Breast Asymmetry: Can Augmentation Help With Uneven Breasts?

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Natural Breast Asymmetry: Can Augmentation Help With Uneven Breasts?

Your Body Image And Breast Asymmetry

For most people, any area of the body interpreted as unappealing may feel like it draws unwanted attention. For many women, breast asymmetry is a common cause for concern. Although this condition is common, asymmetry is often a driving factor for plastic surgery and breast augmentation.

What is breast asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry is very common and refers to one breast having a different volume, position, size, or form than the other breast. According to research, roughly half of all women have some form of asymmetry. Sometimes the difference is so minor that a person will still view the breasts as symmetrical. For other women, the difference is much more noticeable. Breastfeeding, pregnancy, puberty, hormonal changes, and injuries can also lead to asymmetry, although these changes may be temporary.

Can augmentation alone correct asymmetry?

Breast augmentation is a popular form of plastic surgery. The surgeon inserts implants or fat from other body parts into the breasts to increase volume or size. However, surgery alone may not be the solution depending on the severity of the asymmetry. Some women may benefit from a breast lift, reduction, augmentation, or a possible combination of the procedures. The doctor can recommend the best approach based on the differences between the breasts.

Breast lifts explained

A mastopexy is intended to remove excess skin and reshape the breasts to improve shape. The procedure is ideal for patients that want to correct asymmetry, especially if noticeable drooping is the primary concern. Do note that a breast lift alone won’t change the size of the breasts. This is because neither fat nor implants are inserted during the procedure. A breast lift should be combined with augmentation or reduction if a woman has breast asymmetry with volume and shape differences.

What’s best for asymmetry?

To determine the best procedure for correcting breast asymmetry, start by requesting a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. A surgeon will begin by performing an examination. Then, a recommendation can be made, taking into account a patient’s unique concerns regarding volume, size, position, and shape disparities. Additionally, a surgeon can go over the risks and benefits of each procedure, helping guide a patient’s decision. With the right approach, breast symmetry can be achieved.

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