Implants And Natural Looking Breasts Can Go Hand In Hand

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Implants And Natural Looking Breasts Can Go Hand In Hand

With the variety of breast implant options available, plastic surgeons are finding it increasingly easier to accommodate the goals of each of their breast augmentation patients. Each patient has a specific aesthetic goal in mind when choosing breast augmentation and each doctor seeks the type of procedure that will best suit the desired outcome.

Women are still choosing breast augmentation surgery in high numbers. Where things have changed is in the size of the implants that they are deciding on. Generally, women are selecting a smaller size implant and are demanding a “more natural look” contrary to the oversized implants of days gone by. The rule of thumb indicates that If the end result is 50% breast / 50% implant your end result will be the natural look desired.

It is also good to know that the “footprint” of the breast begins at the sternum and ends immediately before the armpit. The width of the implant should not be any larger than that footprint. If so, it gives the impression that the breast is protruding out of the armpit, which is not “the look” you are most likely striving for.

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It is a viable request to ask for “natural looking” implants because it is an attainable goal. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with outstanding integrity who will be open and honest with you about what will and won’t work for you as an individual. Call Dr. John Park today to start your journey – (949) 777-6883.

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