A New Body Shape with SculpSure

New Body Shape with SculpSure | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach Surgeon

A New Body Shape with SculpSure

There are a variety surgical and non-surgical methods of contouring the body which create beautiful results in a variety of ways. Surgical options include tummy tucks, liposuction, and body lift. While these surgical options are safe and highly effective, some women wish to pursue non-surgical options which have no downtime. The treatment that is recommended by Dr. John Park is SculpSure and is an amazing alternative to CoolSculpting.

Introducing SculpSure – A Non-invasive Body Contouring Treatment

SculpSure’s FDA-approved, cutting-edge body contouring technology is capable of targeting and eliminating around 24% of subcutaneous fat cells* in a matter of just 25 minutes without harming the surface of the skin. The procedure is ideal for those with trouble spots, especially those individuals who have been working out and dieting without success.

SculpSure work with a heating and cooling technology which heats below the skin surface to safely get rid of fat cells. The constant cooling of SculpSure helps keep patients safe and comfortable. The process breaks down fat cells and are then naturally removed and absorbed by the body. Results can be seen as quickly as six weeks, while optimum results may usually take up to around two months. The destroyed fat cells during the treatment will not regenerate.*

SculpSure involves positioning applicators to deliver a particular wavelength of laser energy that works to eliminate subcutaneous fat cells present in the affected areas such as the belly; love handles, thighs, the back, hips, arms, and other similar areas fat pockets. Dr. John Park ensures that the applicators are placed properly and customized for each patient to achieve maximum results and satisfaction.

SculpSure Consultation with Dr. John Park

During your consultation, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park will assess your condition and discuss with you your expectations and aesthetic goals to see if you can benefit from SculpSure. If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation, please contact our office today at (949) 777-6883.

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