Over Or Under The Pectoral Muscle? Where Breast Implants Should Be Placed

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Over Or Under The Pectoral Muscle? Where Breast Implants Should Be Placed

Which Placement Is Best For Breast Implants?

Different types of implants provide a diverse set of results with various recovery needs. With thousands of augmentations performed every year, women have numerous size, type, and arrangement options. An important decision is deciding between subglandular and submuscular placement. Implant placement hinges on a woman’s health history, overall visual goals, and amount of pectoral tissue.

Be true to yourself

Over muscle implants are typically used when a woman is focused on maintaining sensation throughout the breast and patients looking to breastfeed in the future. However, subglandular implants require additional images during mammograms to provide accurate screening results. Surgeons implant teardrop-shaped implants filled with saline or silicone gel to expand the breast tissue. Implants placed over the muscle utilize a type of tissue called the acellular dermal network. Over time, the body replaces the tissue with collagen.

What about submuscular?

Conversely, submuscular implants are inserted directly underneath the pectoral muscles. Under the muscle implants look more subtle since both the breast tissue and muscle cover the implant. Submuscular implants benefit women seeking subtle augmentation and high visibility during mammograms. Notable benefits include putting less strain on the breast tissue while maintaining blood flow to the areolas.

The importance of health history

No matter the type, surgery carries a certain level of risk. Bleeding disorders, weak pectoral muscles, little to no breast tissue, and other preexisting conditions influence a surgeon’s decision on implant location. In cases of breast reconstruction, removing breast tissue can raise the risk of potential complications, including infection. Surgeons may recommend adjusting certain medications, maintaining a healthy diet, and limiting tobacco use to ensure satisfaction.

A winning strategy for you

Through the process of selecting a surgeon and type of implant, discuss these options at length at the initial intake appointment. Depending on the women’s health history and general health, subglandular or submuscular can provide improved breast contour and body image. Every woman has different goals for breast augmentation, but with aligned goals, physicians can tailor the procedures to the patient.

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