Patient Surveys Show Improved Quality Of Life After Breast Implant Surgery

john park plastic surgery Patient Surveys Show Improved Quality Of Life After Breast Implant Surgery

Patient Surveys Show Improved Quality Of Life After Breast Implant Surgery

Thinking About Breast Augmentation?

Breast implant surgery is a procedure to increase the size and profile of the breast. Today, plastic surgeons perform more than 300,000 breast augmentations every year. The process involves a round placing silicone or saline mold under the breast tissue. In many cases, the implant goes under the chest muscle. Patients have the choice of size, fullness, and overall profile. Choosing breast augmentation often have both physical and mental benefits.

Benefits of breast implant surgery

Receiving breast augmentation goes beyond vanity reasons. For years, breast implant surgery has positively helped thousands of women. For instance, women who have naturally small or asymmetrical breasts can have fuller, more defined breasts. The procedure also helps women after breast cancer, accidents, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Best of all, there is a range of social and emotional benefits that can improve the quality of life.

Breast augmentation has high satisfaction rates

Over the years, breast implant surgery has improved in quality and safety. Plastic surgeons use minor incisions, reducing the signs of scarring. In addition, the type of implants, like gummy implants, and positioning of implants give a more natural feel. As a result, more and more women are reporting high satisfaction rates. Patient surveys are common with breast implant surgery. Women are asked to report on the results at least one month after surgery. Some surveys report at least an 85% satisfaction rate.

A psychological upgrade

A secondary impact of surgery is the psychological impact. For women who need breast reconstruction, for instance, the mental rewards are undeniable. About 86% of women were self-conscious about breast size before surgery. Based on patient surveys and studies, women have significant improvements in anxiety and depression. However, the satisfaction rates decline for women older than 50.

It impacts other parts of life as well

Breast augmentation goes beyond the emotional aspects. Women are more inclined to become healthier and improve overall body composition. There’s also an improvement in sex life. In a study of 494 women with breast augmentation, the overall satisfaction rates were 86%. These women reported 90% satisfaction in physical well-being and 88% in sexual well-being. These benefits can translate to more confidence and larger social life.

More than an implant

Surgery goes beyond improving the size and profile of breasts. There are psychological, emotional, physical, and sexual benefits. There’s no doubt that quality of life improves. However, there should be a fine distinction between expectation and reality. Breast implants are not a solution for psychological trauma, self-esteem issues, or medically diagnosed conditions. These should be addressed with the right support and treatment. Schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to see if breast implant surgery is the right choice.

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