Perk Up Your Breasts Post-Baby

Perk Up Your Breasts Post-Baby | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Perk Up Your Breasts Post-Baby

Childbirth and nursing can cause your once youthful and perky breasts to be nothing but a faint memory. These beautiful life events affect your entire body with a significant impact placed on your breasts. What was once a voluptuous and firm bustline can easily become soft pillows following multiple childbirths. Fortunately, a breast lift from John Park MD Plastic Surgery can transform your breasts back into the contoured bosom you remember.

Position Breasts For Improved Appearance

A breast lift is one of the most popular surgical procedures elected by women following pregnancy and childbirth. Many women include the procedure in their mommy makeover for total breast rejuvenation. Breastfeeding can result in breasts becoming slightly saggy and soft. This is due to the breast skin becoming inelastic as a result of the breasts being engorged with milk and skin being overly stretched. Once breastfeeding has finished, the skin isn’t always able to retract back to its normal shape. This leaves excess skin that has no structure or elasticity. A breast lift removes the excess skin and then lifts the breasts higher on the chest wall to a more pleasing position.

Restore Breast Fullness With Breast Implants

A common procedure combo is a breast lift with breast implants. By adding breast implants to a breast lift, fullness is able to be restored. A breast lift can give the illusion of an enhanced bustline but the only way to truly increase the actual volume of your breasts is by including breast augmentation with your breast lift.

Help Your Breast Skin By Gradually Losing Weight

Women can’t wait to shed the baby weight after they have given birth. Most would do anything they could to obtain their pre-baby body back instantly. However, if you partake in a crash diet and drastically lose the weight, you may compromise your skin’s elasticity and thus the appearance of your breasts. If you gradually shed the pounds and lose the fat, your skin can recover and repair itself better from all the stretching. This will also lead to better results from a breast lift with or without breast implants because good skin elasticity always yields better results.

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A breast lift can do way more than just lift your breasts; it can give you the confidence to move forward and be the best mom you can be. If you’re done having babies and want to perk up your breast appearance, let Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park help. Call our office at 949-777-6883 and schedule your consultation today!

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