5 Perks of Breast Augmentation

5 Perks of Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

5 Perks of Breast Augmentation

There are many benefits to breast augmentation, and the process starts with a complimentary consultation from a leading clinic like John Park MD Plastic Surgery. This popular procedure involves breast implants, and can also be combined with a breast lift for optimal results. Here are just a few benefits of breast augmentation and what you can expect:

Life After a Breast Augmentation

  1. More volume. Volume equates to curves, the ultimate sign of femininity. If you want larger breasts to complement your physique, breast implants are an immediate solution to enhance your silhouette. Some women want to increase to an ideal cup size, while others simply want more curves in a bikini or their daily wardrobe.
  2. Symmetrical breasts. It’s rare to have perfectly symmetrical breasts naturally, and almost every woman has some degree of asymmetry. However, if symmetry is your goal, breast augmentation is the answer. This procedure can balance breasts, allowing for complete customization. Well-matched breasts are a priority for many women interested in breast augmentation.
  3. Breast rejuvenation after pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but many women want to restore and rejuvenate their body when they’ve finished having biological children and breastfeeding. Aging gracefully can also change the aesthetics of breasts. However, breast augmentation can quickly rejuvenate and restore the breasts after major events, from childbirth to milestone birthdays.
  4. Post-mastectomy rejuvenation. If you’ve survived breast cancer and a mastectomy, you’re a warrior and survivor who deserves breast augmentation and reconstruction to reclaim your femininity and life. Our clinic is proud to serve women interested in breast augmentation after this life-changing event.
  5. More self-confidence. Breast augmentation has the incredible ability to increase self-esteem and self-confidence. Nothing complements a new look like a solid boost of confidence, and that’s exactly what breast augmentation can deliver.

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No matter your reason for wanting breast augmentation, it’s important to choose a local, trustworthy doctor with a glowing reputation. The skill and experience of a plastic surgeon is just as important as the type of surgery you choose. To learn more about breast augmentation at John Park MD Plastic Surgery and schedule your complimentary consultation, call (949) 777-6883.

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