The “Backstory” On Plastic Surgery – Some Interesting Facts

The “Backstory” On Plastic Surgery | Dr. John Park MD Plastic Surgery

The “Backstory” On Plastic Surgery – Some Interesting Facts

All plastic surgery procedures, such as breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and mommy makeovers have a history. They all started somewhere and most began years ago as more or less “experimental” surgery. It’s interesting to look back a few years and see how plastic surgery has progressed over the years.

Breast Augmentation Facts

The story begins in 1890, when Austrian doctor Robert Gersuny started things rolling by injecting paraffin into women’s chests. The results looked pretty good for a while, but over time they, unfortunately, grew hard and lumpy. Worse yet, infection rates were extremely high, so by the 1920’s the procedure had been largely abandoned.

Surgeons then studied the transplantation of the fatty tissue from the tummy area/abdomen and buttocks to the breasts – but the fat was often reabsorbed by the body, leaving the subject with asymmetrical breasts and unattractive scars where the fat had been harvested.

Historical Tummy Tuck Facts

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck as it is commonly referred to is a relatively new field in the overall history of plastic surgery. The first tummy tuck operations were done to remedy massive umbilical hernias which, among other things, caused abnormally large skin flaps. The way these patients looked after surgery is what attracted people’s attention to this surgery. The removal of skin flap swiftly caught the attention of thousands of women, who were dealing with skin flaps, mostly due to pregnancy. Around 1900 body contouring procedures became increasingly popular.

The first tummy tuck operation was performed in France by doctors Demars and Marx. Then in 1905, the first American tummy tuck operation was executed. The only inconvenience was the fact that with these first procedures couldn’t avoid the removal of the belly button.

Mommy Makeover History

A mommy makeover is a combination of aesthetic surgery procedures designed to counteract the effects of childbirth and breastfeeding and help women regain their pre-pregnancy figure. It can involve the combination of breast lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, and liposuction. The history of each procedure is quite a bit longer than the history of combining procedures to create a “mommy makeover.”

With more progress and knowledge both in plastic surgery and anesthetics, combining procedures has proved to be both safe, as well as cost-effective and time-saving.

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