Plastic Surgery “Trends” – What’s “in” May Not Be What’s Best.

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Plastic Surgery “Trends” – What’s “in” May Not Be What’s Best.

Over the years pop culture has often dictated what the new “ideal” look should be, from over-sized breast augmentations to butt implants. It has become quite obvious, that many women are becoming “focused” on chasing what is at any given time, the ideal shape. It’s become quite apparent, that the new “big thing”…is the butt. Dr. John Park is a board certified plastic surgeon and happy to talk with you about the differences in “what’s hot” versus what would look great on you.

Why Plastic Surgery Is Affected By Fashion

The reason why fashion gravitates toward specific body types is quite easily explained. The style was designed for the body that is modeling it. Some designer out there decided that this was the body type that will be “ in vogue” this year. Over the years there have been all sizes and shapes modeling clothes. The styles were designed to look good on that particular body type. What looks good on Twiggy will not look good on J. Lo.

Trends Versus Timeless

The very nature of the word “trend” points to the fact that they come and go. Of course, fashions change, but body shapes are what they are. They are largely determined by genetics. Weight can change, of course, but the framework on which our bodies are built has long been determined by our genetic code.

Well-proportioned figures with decent fitness levels are always attractive…they never go out of style. Trying to change a specific body part to meet current fashion demands is dangerous. Trends are hard to keep up with. Doing so is time-consuming and very expensive. How often have you bought a trendy outfit only to wear it once or twice?

Plastic Surgery and Trends- How To Know The Difference

If you are planning to surgically alter your body to follow a fashion trend…think again. Trends are ever-changing entities that you are just not going to be able to keep up with.

There are many plastic surgery procedures that make sense. For the women who have passed their childbearing years, a tummy tuck would help get their natural shape back. For the women whose breasts are too small to fit into normal clothing, a breast implant surgery would be life changing. A woman with no back-end may find a big boost with a brazilian butt lift and feel comfortable in clothes again.Beauty is not a trend.

Beauty will stand the test of time.

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