Post-Surgery Swelling: 3 Ways To Reduce Inflammation After Cosmetic Surgery

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Post-Surgery Swelling: 3 Ways To Reduce Inflammation After Cosmetic Surgery

Smart Aftercare Tips To Speed Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery

Choosing to get cosmetic surgery, regardless of the procedure, can be a big step for many people. But not everyone realizes that the road to recovery can be a long process. Many people are surprised to realize that one of the most common recovery aspects is swelling in and around the incision site. Even though pain and discomfort are to be expected, there are steps individuals can take to shorten some of the hallmark discomforts associated with surgery.

1. Rest in the early recovery days

Trying to do too much, too soon, can be a great way to make discomfort and especially swelling worse. Rest is one of the best things a recovering patient can do. Surgeons will usually urge against lifting heavy items or engaging in challenging activities such as intensive exercises or returning to a workplace that requires extensive movements or standing. Some physicians may require bed rest for the first few weeks after surgery. For best results, listen to the doctors. However, avoid side sleeping, as that position can make swelling worse. Instead, opt for back sleeping with the head elevated.

2. No smoking

Patient behavior can influence recovery just as much as the quality of the surgeon or the procedure. Smoking and post-operative recovery are not good bedfellows. One study followed a selection of patients undergoing elective surgery that included individuals who had never smoked and people that did. After 30 days the study found that the group of smokers had a higher incidence of post-surgery complications compared to the group that did not. The takeaway from the study is that smokers contemplating cosmetic surgery should first consider quitting smoking at least several weeks before the procedure.

3. Ice swollen areas frequently

Swelling can’t be avoided as the process is the body’s natural response to trauma. But frequently using ice packs can work in two ways. The cold sensation can help to reduce swelling while also providing comfort by way of pain relief. Physicians may recommend frequent ice applications. Some doctors will suggest icing the incision area for 40 minutes at a time with 20-minute breaks between sessions. Expect to frequently rely on ice packs for the first few days after surgery and avoid placing ice or ice packs directly on bare skin. Use a towel or cloth as a barrier.

Follow the doctor’s orders

How a patient behaves during the postoperative period has a direct impact on recovery. Following a doctor’s directions is essential to return to normal life and avoid complications or the need for corrective surgery. Have patience as the process won’t happen overnight. But with time, patients will appreciate the positive results of cosmetic surgery.

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