Will Pregnancy Affect My Implants?

Will Pregnancy Affect My Implants? | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Will Pregnancy Affect My Implants?

Ten years ago when you decided to get implants you weren’t even thinking about having children. Now, you’re ready to grow your family but aren’t sure how it will affect your breast implants. This is a common concern amongst younger patients who visit Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Park. Fortunately, you shouldn’t make it a major concern, and you should definitely not let it prevent you from moving forward with your life.

Pregnancy and Breast Implants

Regardless if you have implants or not, pregnancy is going to change your body. You should expect to experience some swelling and breast enlargement during pregnancy as your body produces breast milk for nursing. Once you have finished breastfeeding and your body has ceased producing milk, your breasts should decrease back in size. Even though your breast size and shape have changed, your breast implants individually should not be altered. However, this doesn’t mean that your breasts will return to their pre-pregnancy size and shape, thus possibly altering the appearance of your breast implants. This is simply because of the change in your natural breast tissue. Many patients are completely satisfied with their breast implants even after pregnancy, so there is no need to worry.

Restore Your Pre-Pregnancy Breasts With a Breast Lift

There is no way to know exactly how your body and breast implant appearance will change with pregnancy. No two women are the same. Some women actually benefit from having breast implants before pregnancy because the implant helps the natural breast maintain its shape despite volume loss. However, if you aren’t happy with your breast appearance after you are done having children, Dr. Park can help restore your pre-pregnancy shape, size, and elevation of the breasts by performing a breast lift. A breast lift will give you the perky appearance you had when you initially opted for breast implants. Depending, you may even want to go up in size or decrease the size of your implants. That can be accomplished as well with a breast augmentation revision.

Let John Park MD Plastic Surgery Calm Your Worries

Breast implants were made to be long-lasting, not permanent. Don’t let the fact that you have breast implants take away from the joy of pregnancy and having children. You can have both! And both experiences can be positive and beautiful. If you plan to have children in the near future and you already have implants, call John Park MD Plastic Surgery at (949) 777-6883 to discuss your concerns about what pregnancy may do to them.

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