Pregnancy & Breast Augmentation: What To Expect From Your Body

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Pregnancy & Breast Augmentation: What To Expect From Your Body

Is It Safe For A Woman With Breast Implants To Get Pregnant?

Women with breast implants are perfectly capable of conceiving. However, timing is essential. Females should wait a few months, at least 6-12, before conceiving. The body needs time to heal and readjust after a breast augmentation. Furthermore, pregnancy affects the feel and look of natural breasts, and this can also happen with breast implants.

How do my breasts change during surgery?

During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts become swollen and enlarged. Pregnancy causes weight gain and permanently affects breast tissue. The breast tissue stretches to accommodate enlarged breast glands. Women with breast implants can experience sagging, pain, implant displacement, hardened calcium deposits, and implant leakage. These side effects are not common but can occur. Any corrective breast surgeries need to be performed after a woman has given birth.

Can I breastfeed with implants?

Women with breast implants should still be able to breastfeed. Breast augmentation may affect the amount of milk the patient’s body produces. Any milk production issues are most likely related to implant placement during surgery. Breast implants placed above the muscle can affect the milk ducts that are responsible for milk production. Surgical incisions that cut through the nipple and areolae can also affect milk production. Patients should speak to the doctor about breastfeeding and implant placement prior to surgery to avoid this.

Is breastfeeding with silicone implants dangerous?

Many breast implants are made with a silicone shell or gel. Some people worry that the silicone substance can be passed on through breast milk. Studies have not shown an effect of silicone implants on breastfeeding, but there is no concrete evidence that silicone transmits through breast milk.

Will I need a revision after breastfeeding?

Body changes vary depending on the patient and everyone’s post-pregnancy results are different. After pregnancy, the hormones start to stabilize, shrinking the breast glands and tissue. Sometimes, this decrease makes the breast appear smaller and deflated. The breasts may also sag. Patients experiencing this issue may benefit from a breast revision.

What are some other changes I might experience?

Some women might experience breast tenderness or color changes. Breasts can become very sensitive to touch and possibly change colors around the nipples. Another change is size. The breasts often grow to larger cup sizes.

When Should I talk to a doctor about breastfeeding?

Patients should discuss breastfeeding and possible complications with a medical professional. These discussions should happen before the child’s birth; that way, the patient knows what to expect. Schedule an appointment with a doctor to discuss pregnancy changes.

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