Ptosis, Asymmetry & Weight Changes Are 3 Reasons To Consider Breast Lift Surgery

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Ptosis, Asymmetry & Weight Changes Are 3 Reasons To Consider Breast Lift Surgery

Body Image And Breast Augmentation

Being concerned about body image is only natural, no matter how confident a person may appear. The look, shape, and volume of breasts can be a cause for concern for many women. Several factors can impact the shape of an individual’s breasts and lead to sagging or an imbalance in volume or shape. For these people, breast augmentation, such as a breast lift or a lift with breast implants, can correct any visual imperfections and boost self-confidence.

What is a breast lift?

Before describing why a patient might opt for breast lift surgery, people need to know more about the procedure. Breast lifts are officially known as mastopexies. The surgery removes excess skin and improves the shape of the breasts. The process is ideal for both correcting asymmetries as well as drooping. While a breast lift alone will not increase the size of the breasts, the process can improve the profile. However, if a woman wants to lift and increase the breast size, a breast lift can be performed with augmentation to add breast implants. Here are 3 reasons a woman might choose to have this surgery.

1. Breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is common and refers to one breast being a different volume, position, size, or form than the other breast. Research suggests that roughly half of all women have breast asymmetry. For some individuals, asymmetry may be so minimal as not to be visible. In other women, the difference is much more noticeable. Other causes that can lead to breast asymmetry include breastfeeding, puberty, pregnancy, or even an injury.

2. Weight loss and breast profile

Losing weight can be an outstanding achievement for many individuals. However, when people lose a large amount of weight, the skin may struggle with elasticity and sagging can be a side effect. Skin sagging in the breast area can be due to a loss of fatty tissue in this area of the body, leading to reduced fullness. A breast lift can correct the problem by removing excess skin, leading to a lifted profile.

3. Ptosis

Officially, ptosis is the formal name for sagging breasts. Unlike weight loss-induced sagging, general ptosis can be caused by various issues. The most common include age, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and even gravity. Over time, the breasts can eventually lose perkiness and sag. Ptosis is more common for women with larger breasts, but the condition can also impact smaller busted individuals.

Choosing a breast lift

Although plastic surgery is considered commonplace, the procedure is still viewed as major surgery. Individuals considering corrective breast surgery should schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will perform an examination, provide a recommendation, and work with patients to develop a strategy to create the desired breast shape. Additionally, a surgeon can answer questions about the surgery before a patient makes a final decision.

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