Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Recovery After Breast Augmentation | John Park MD Plastic Surgery, Newport Beach

Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Your upcoming breast augmentation surgery will create beautiful results and it’s time to be excited. The following tips will help you prepare for your surgery by knowing what to expect after your procedure. And because each surgery is unique and each patient is different, it is always important to follow the recommendations of your board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. John Park.

Incision Care After Breast Augmentation With Breast Lift

Keep your surgical incision(s) clean.

Incisions must be checked daily for any possible sign of infection. You may shower the day after your breast implant surgery; however, if you have steri-strips covering your incisions, your surgeon may want you to keep them dry so that there is no possibility of them coming off early.

Never submerge your incisions in water.

You should stay out of the spa, pool, hot tub, and bathtub for at least two weeks, depending on the type of stitches you have and your surgeon’s recommendations. This recommendation ensures the body’s healing has run its course.

Driving after breast augmentation surgery.

It is usually advised that you not drive for at least three days after your breast augmentation to avoid placing any strain on your surgical site, which could cause bleeding.

Controlling pain after breast augmentation.

Generally, oral pain medication is taken for 2-3 days after breast surgery, and then most patients can switch to Tylenol for pain control. Some surgeons will also prescribe antibiotics. Avoid taking aspirin, fish oil or vitamin E (all of which will thin the blood and could cause bleeding).

Exercising after surgery.

A bit of walking is good from day one or two – but always remember to get plenty of rest. There is no need to overexert yourself – this will help keep your stitches in place and minimize strain on the surgical site.

Sleeping position after surgery.

Your surgeon may advise you to sleep propped up at about a 30-degree angle to limit swelling at least for a few nights, maybe even more. Invest in a wedge pillow or bed wedge if you think you will roll off of propped pillows when you fall asleep.

Rest assured that most concerns you have right after surgery will indeed resolve on their own. However, always call your surgeon should your concern seem urgent (signs of infection or hematoma) — or make a note to ask your surgeon about anything that you are unsure of on your next follow up visit.

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