Revisionary Surgery: Changing Your Mind About Breast Implant Size

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Revisionary Surgery: Changing Your Mind About Breast Implant Size

Can You Make a Change?

For decades, breast augmentation has transformed the size and shape of millions of women’s breasts. The surgery has improved over the years to be faster and safer, with better outcomes. On average, breast implants have a 98% satisfaction rate. Yet, some women have a change of heart and revisit the surgeon to discuss changing the breast implant size. The new procedure, called revisionary surgery, is possible. The surgery increases or decreases the implant size, giving each patient a better quality of life.

Why would you change your mind?

Breast augmentation is a significant decision. As a result, surgeons take every precaution to ensure patients are satisfied with the outcome. Despite this, some women may want smaller implants due to back pain, neck pain, or capsular contracture. Others want smaller breasts due to weight loss or aesthetic reasons. Larger implants are also an option due to weight gain or dissatisfaction with the initial choice. Whatever the reason, revision surgery is a simple, sometimes minimally invasive procedure.

What happens during revisionary surgery?

Revision surgery starts with a detailed consultation to discuss the current implant and new goals. Patients can also address concerns such as breast shape, symmetry, or implant type. The new implant size and type are agreed upon, and the surgery is scheduled. Revision surgery happens under general anesthesia. The surgeon will use the same incision from the previous surgery, simplifying the procedure. The surgeon replaces the implants and closes the incisions.

Patience is key

Some women want to make a change almost immediately after surgery. The initial results can look and feel different from what was initially envisioned. However, breast implants can take several months to settle. Once the swelling and tenderness subside, patients can see the actual size of the implants. Waiting a few months can help patients decide if a change of implants is necessary.

A brand new you, again

One of the most significant advantages of breast implants is that the procedure is reversible. If, for some reason, a patient is dissatisfied with implant size, the surgeon can perform revision surgery. The larger or smaller implants can go through the same incision. Then, after a few months, patients should see and enjoy the results.

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