Rhytidectomy For Men: How Male Facelifts Differ From Female Facelifts

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Rhytidectomy For Men: How Male Facelifts Differ From Female Facelifts

Men And The Facelift

The last 5 years have seen the rise of the digital workplace, including working from home via video calls. More time on video calls means more time looking at the face, often in unflattering lighting. As a result, male and female professionals are considering surgery that addresses the impacts of age on the face and neck. Referred to as the Zoom effect, 40% of people without previous cosmetic procedures pursue surgery inspired by increased time spent on video-conferencing platforms. Widely considered the gold standard of anti-aging, facelifts correct sagging jowls and smooth deep wrinkles. However, a successful facelift procedure depends on the surgeon’s background and proper post-op care.

Experience necessary

With over 90% of facelift surgeries in the United States currently performed on women, males are a relatively new demographic to the procedure. Given the limited research, men considering a facelift should discuss goals before going under the knife. Male bone and tissue structures have different associated surgical goals than women. A doctor with the appropriate background can best ensure a balanced face for a male patient.

Similar but different

During a facelift procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions behind the ears, removing excess skin from the face and neck. The remaining skin is lifted and reconnected at the incision site. The result is a lifted appearance free of sagging skin and excess wrinkles. The process is the same for men and women, but skin pliability and elasticity differ, leading to slightly different results.

Healing from a facelift

Back in the day, facelifts required several months to heal. Today, the process takes about 2-3 weeks. After surgery, recovery relies on caring for the skin properly. The swelling and bruising peak at 2-3 days post-operation, with bruising fading within a week or two. To limit the risk of infection, wait to shave or apply moisturizer until after swelling peaks.

Recovery made simple

For many men, a facelift provides a new lease on life. Surgeons reposition the cheeks and jawline to combat the volume loss naturally occurring with aging. However, women make up the vast majority of facelifts in the US today. Men and women have closely related faces but distinct structural differences in bone and fat distribution. By closely consulting with doctors ahead of surgery, male patients can achieve anti-aging goals, on or offline.

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