Rippling Ruins? 3 Reasons Why Gummy Bear Implants Can Prevent Breast Surgery Complications


Rippling Ruins? 3 Reasons Why Gummy Bear Implants Can Prevent Breast Surgery Complications

Understanding Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear implants are prosthetic medical devices used in breast augmentation. These implants are made with cohesive silicone gel inside of a silicone outer shell. The way this form stable gel implant looks and feels explains the gummy bear nickname. Typically, gummy bear implants have a teardrop shape that resembles the natural shape and curve of the breast.

Can gummy bear implants prevent breast complications?

Gummy bear implants gained popularity for the natural shape and fewer complications compared to regular silicone implants. Here are some of the reasons why gummy bear implants can reduce breast surgery complications

1. Gummy bear implants are less likely to leak

The FDA approved gummy bear implants for widespread use in 2012. Compared to traditional silicone implants with a loose gel filling, gummy bear implants are less likely to rupture and leak. During a rupture, silicone leaks out of the implant and into the body and bloodstream. Gummy bear leaks don’t spread gel filler throughout the body and are unlikely to occur.

2. Gummy bear implants can last for up to 15 years

Gummy bear implants are made to be highly durable and long-lasting. Most doctors recommend replacing traditional implants after 10 years, but gummy bear implants can last for 15 years. Breast replacements occur due to breast drooping, implant rupturing or deflating, and capsular contracture. However, the likeliness of these issues occurring are significantly reduced with gummy bear implants.

3. The surgical process can be less invasive

Due to the structure and shape of gummy bear implants, the devices can be placed over or under the breast muscle. Inserting the implant above the muscle makes the surgical process easier for surgeons. If patients want a more natural look, then the implant is inserted under the muscle. Gummy bear implants tend to have a rounder, fuller appearance at the bottom and a flatter, smoother structure at the top.

How do gummy implants compare to saline implants?

Saline implants are made from a silicone outer shell filled with sterile saline solution. If the implant ruptures, then saline solution gets absorbed into the body. Saline implants tend to be round in shape with a firmer feel and appearance. Unlike gummy bear implants, saline implants do not contain any form stable gel. The implant is filled with solution to reach desired fullness.

What is capsular contracture?

Capsular contracture is a rare medical condition that develops after breast implants have been inserted. The body naturally forms scar tissue around the implant because this is the body’s natural response to a foreign object. With capsular contracture, the body forms too much scar tissue around the implant and the tissue hardens while causing complications. Oftentimes, the breasts look deformed and cause pain.

Consulting a surgeon

Patients interested in learning more about gummy bear implants and breast augmentation surgery should speak with a plastic surgeon. An experienced plastic surgeon can provide patients with the information needed to undergo breast enlargement surgery. Surgeons can also counsel people on the right implant for the procedure.

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