Rounded vs Teardrop Implants: Which Breast Augmentation Option Will Achieve A Natural Profile?

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Rounded vs Teardrop Implants: Which Breast Augmentation Option Will Achieve A Natural Profile?

Baring The Truth About Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most consistently popular cosmetic surgeries in the US. Helpful for correcting symmetry, restoring volume, and more, breast implants boost self-image. Implants come in two distinctive shapes, round and teardrop. Selecting the best type hinges on goals for surgery, health history, and body type. Women at high risk for specific health concerns such as bleeding disorders and breast cancer should carefully discuss this with the surgeon at consultation.

Rounded implants

When thinking of breast implants, most people think of round inserts. Round implants make up the majority of implants inserted. Round implants provide curves, balancing out proportions and adding curves. Known as the classic breast shape, round implants add significant cleavage and lift for women looking for dramatic results. Available in silicone or saline, round inserts boost fullness in the upper pole of the breasts. Able to freely move about the breast pocket, round implants move and feel the most similar to natural breasts.

Teardrop implants

Anatomical implants, commonly known as teardrop-shaped implants, provide a different look. Designed to mimic mature breasts, teardrop implants do not move freely in the breast pocket. For women looking for a subtle breast augmentation, teardrop implants can provide natural-looking lift and balance. Sloping gradually from the nipple to the breastbone, teardrop-shaped implants match well with women looking to avoid proportionally overwhelming a petite frame.

Is breast augmentation dangerous?

Surgery comes with risks, which include breast augmentation. In an estimated 1% of cases, women experience slow wound healing and swelling. 99% of women don’t experience healing issues. However, every patient should schedule a time to discuss health history and any other concerns with the practicing surgeon to avoid unforeseen complications. No matter the shape or type, a successful breast augmentation relies on consistent care and quick intervention in cases of complications. Restricting tobacco use, maintaining a healthy diet, and practicing regular exercise increase the likelihood of a simple recovery process.

Living your best life

Whether teardrop or round, breast implants can improve self-confidence and satisfaction when tailored to the woman’s individual needs. Matching the right type of implant for individual preferences relies on working closely with the surgeon ahead of the procedure. Aligning desired outcomes and visual goals help women achieve both a natural profile and a successful recovery.

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