For The Faint Of Heart – SculpSure Is Not Painful

SculpSure Is Not Painful | Irvine SculpSure Treatments Dr. John Park

For The Faint Of Heart – SculpSure Is Not Painful

Many non-invasive fat reduction technologies have the reputation of being very uncomfortable, even painful, during or after treatment. SculpSure is different.

The whole point of the procedure is to basically warm fat cells to a point in which they die off. Having said this, the temperature applied is never to the point of extreme discomfort. If at any point, an area is warming to an uncomfortable level, the laser is easily and quickly adjusted in that area. A warmer treatment does not necessarily equal a more effective treatment. So it isn’t necessary to be a martyr and put up with an uncomfortable setting.

For the few patients who have asked for the laser intensity to be adjusted, the correction has been quick, and the treatment has been comfortable from that point on. In studies, patients indicated an average 3/10 level of discomfort. You will feel it working, but it won’t be painful.

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